Hope I Can Get to 100

1. My birthday is this saturday (18th)

2. I am catholic but I tend to stray away from "mainstream catholics." I am a very very spirtual person

3. I am also attracted to women

4. I hope to be a writer and inspire people

5. I love all animals.

6. I am a liberal

7. I am always very self concious about myself

8. I have a borderline personality

9. I've contemplated suicide

10. I've had my heart broken very badly

11. I learned the best relationship you can ever possibly have is the one with yourself.

12. I love antique pearls.

13. I have a boyfriend

14. He has cancer

15. I am falling in love with him and scared of getting hurt

16. I love painting, drawing with pastels is my favorite though.

17. i keep a journal to write poetry and thoughts in

18. I love basketball- the pistons are my favorite

19. I still love my ex and I don't want to

20 I hate that i just typed that

21 I suffered from an abusive childhood

22. I might get my GED because i feel school is leading me to a road of dead ends right now

23. I think its very unthoughtful uncompassaionate and stupid that celebs can spend three thousand dollars on a dress when people are starving

24. I will never wear diamonds because someone might have died getting that diamond

25 Might be a vegan one day

26 love conspiracy theories

27 Think my bright green eyes are the best feature I have because I have black hair and dark skin

28 Am american indian and italian and german

29 hate my teeth and nose

30. Like sex. I think making love is a natural act.

31. Am not slutty. I said "making love"

32. I love maya angelou, tennyson, lord bryon, Henry David thoreu, Whitman, Frost, Arnold, and so many other poets

33. I like Russian literature, its fablously depressing. Tolstory and Chekhov were amazing.

34. I am a history buff

35. Can't wait for my first tattoo

36. I don't understand whats wrong with the morals of some young people today

37. I hate smoking

38 Weed is okay although i don't do it- cigarrettes just aren't natural

39 Would love to experience life for what it is without caring about superficial things.

40. I love cats. I have four.

41.I love all kinds of music

42 Moonlight Sontana will always be my favorite song

43. Dorothy Dandridge is a huge inspiration to me

44. Once read that spelling does not have a direct coorelation with intelligence. So i would like to think although I am a very terrible speller, I am actually very intelligent

45. I don't look like you think i would

46. I have the "cute innocent girl" quality and sometimes use to to my advantage in situations. I know its bad

47. I have two dogs

48. I do not like my father but am very close with my mother

49 my mom is probably my biggest supporter

50. Am almost half way done. Good my back is starting to hurt

51. I am affraid to see the world end.

52. I do not like Sarah Palin and am actually offended that McCain would think women would just vote for her because she is of the same sex

53. my favorite color is mauve

54. I like louis armstrong and billie holiday and ella fitzgerald and aretha franklin and patti labbelle and kirk franklin and korn and metallica and slipnot and landon pigg and the spill canvas and AC/DC and LedZ and Salt n Peppa and Run DMC See how varried my music is?

55. I love high heels

56. I hate people who are narrow minded

57. I love the country. its so beautiful and relaxing

58. but i want to live in a big city

59. My name is Lindsey by the way

60. I am 5'3ish

61. I weigh 115 pounds

62. I wish i wouldnt bite my nails

63. I feel like my family sometimes isn't proud of me

64. I like taking pictures.

65. I can be shy sometimes.

66. Girls with too much confidence intimidate the hell out of me

67. I like to run

68. I don't understand the fade of blond-almost-white hair?

69. Or orange skin

70. I like to dress in my high heeled boots skinny jeans and leather jacket. I feel like it makes me look bad ***.

71. I want a new haircut

72. Two very sterotypical things were just stated.

73. i love the environment. I recycle and reuse as much as possible.

74. I think i am different from the "norm"

75. I like james patterson novels

76. I like the book and movie atonement. as with pride and prejudice. I think keria knightly resembles Audrey Hepburn in a way.

77. Gregory Peck is one of my favorite actors He was very good looking in the day. Roman Holiday is a great movie

78. I like Aishraya Rai. I hope I spelled her name right.

79. I also like Angelina Jolie.

80. I am semi fluent in Spanish French and German and even know a little Chinese

81. I have very small hands

82. My aura is violet

83. I love you is said too much with little reguards to what it means

84. I find morbid things interesting. Like Vlad the Impaler or Jack the Ripper. and stuff doing with vampires.

85. I am very oppinated.

86. I am pro choice but think everyone needs a right to live

87 I don't care for Madonna or Marylin Monroe. I think they both did/do things to "shock" people and slept their way to the top.

88. Sophia Loren is the orginal sex symbol of women.

89. I am addicated to caffeine but it's getting better.

90. I can't choose a favorite season. I love them all

91. I want to eat all organic one day but i like taco bell too much

92. I ate all organic once for lent and i lost 10 pounds my hair was shiny and i didn't break out at all.

93. I come from a poor household

94. I want to live in Europe for 4-10 years

95. My favorite flowers are lilies

96. I just read My sisters keeper and it was fabulous. I also read Into the Wild. that was good too

97. I think America needs to be more open minded

98. Money is overrated

99. To quote Gloria Steinem. Evil is only in retrospect.

100.I bet you won't read them all


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5 Responses Oct 31, 2008

I read them all--quite interesting. Someone I'd like to get to know better! Too bad you didn't tell us the last time you got a spanking ;-)

Read it. You seem like a really cool chick.

Writing 100 things is hard isn't it? Thanks for sharing your list with us.

I read them all and I must say we have at least half of them in common, maybe more but I didn't count.<br />
BTW, I would totally go for the GED, I gave up on trying for a diploma (I was homeschooled so that complicates things) took the GED test, it was way easier than I thought it would be and now I am just relieved that I will never have to take another test. :)

I read them all! Very honest and revealing, thanks for sharing.