1. I tend to not disclose intimate information about myself on this account, as I'm scared someone will find it, and learn many things I haven't told anyone in real life.

2. I am named after a flower. (I don't want to say which - see 1 - but I can tell you if you message me, I guess. :) )

3. I have two brothers and two sisters.

4. I'm the middle child of my family.

5. My mum is proud of the fact that she's never forgotten four of her children. I am the fifth child.

6. I only have two friends who I talk to on a regular (or semi-regular) basis - both are male.

7. I am demi-romantic and grey-sexual.

8. I don't trust my family, and this do not tell them many of my thoughts, feelings or worries.

9. I have central heterochromia - blue eyes with hazel in the middle.

10. I am bubbly and chatty around friends, but am rather shy/antisocial around strangers and acquaintances.

11. I used to be a Christian, and am now agnostic (though closer to atheism than religion at this point in time).

12. I have a habit of rambling and making things as wordy as humanely possible. You can probably tell from this list. :P

13. I am a shameless overuser of emoticons.

14. I am 18 years old, and was born on Valentine's Day.

15. I have anxiety problems, particularly if I don't conform with everyone else. These seen to get worse if I don't get enough sleep.

16. I am in my first year of university - I have not made any friends so far.

17. I get a little too excited about pelicans. :D

18. My favourite colour is lime green. The more obnoxious, the better. ;)

19. I strongly dislike receiving gifts, as I always feel intensely guilty for it.

20. I am taller than the average girl - I'm around 5'9" tall.

21. I am usually an optimistic person.

22. I always strive to make other people happy, and am easygoing. This makes me a prime candidate for being walked over and manipulated.

23. I have problems telling people I am not alright, out of guilt for ruining their happiness with my own problems.

24. I am a fan of electronic music (see the Monstercat channel on Youtube), Pendulum, Queen, Joe Hisaishi and Yiruma.

25. I am the first in my family to pass my driving test.

26. I am a notorious friendzoner - I unintentionally friendzoned no less than five guys at my high school. (This is not something I feel particularly good about.)

27. I have only ever had a crush on one person - this person is now my boyfriend.

28. I have an imaginary friend, who I consult from time to time when I need advice.

29. I have a habit of eating far too much salty, savoury food.

30. I am usually a very tolerant person. With the exception of when I am in my family home.

31. I am a rather disorganised person - my living spaces are almost always cluttered, at least to some extent.

32. I love dogs.

33. My acceptance of my appearances fluctuates on a daily basis. Sometimes I will be perfectly happy with it, sometimes I will hate my nose or my side profile.

34. I like sleep. At one point in my life it was the only thing I lived for.

35. I am very bad at consoling people.

36. I am not a big enough fan of anything to know the lore of it - I moderately enjoy a wide variety of things instead.

37. I tend to associate with nerds/geeks, but do not consider myself to be one.

38. I have trouble confiding in people - my family has broken my trust too many times.

39. My family life is mostly smooth, though on the occasions that I get on the wrong side of my mother, everything goes downhill very quickly.

40. I live in Australia. More specifically, the west side.

41. I love the place where I live, and have no plans to move away in the near future.

42. I lived in England for a significant part of my childhood, but was born in the United States.

43. My favourite season is spring, though autumn in England is beautiful. :)

44. I have participated in one protest in my life. One with banners and chants and everything.

45. When I have children in the future (hopefully), I only want to have two, so as to never have a middle child.

46. I am a big fan of The Sims.

47. I am a hopeless romantic.

48. I have never won a legitimate arm wrestle against anyone.

49. I have had two jobs - both within the same supermarket in the same suburb. I literally moved from one side of the building to another.

50. I talk to myself. A lot. I just think better if I say my thoughts out loud.

51. I love my childhood toy - a teddy bear - more now that I did when I was young.

52. I like giving and receiving hugs.

53. I have caught public transport for the past six years, and love the freedom it gives me.

54. I am outside my house at least five days a week. Sometimes this gets me down from exhaustion, but I feel like I need to escape my house a lot of the time.

55. My mother has very erratic mood swings. I'm very grateful to not have these, and instead be quite stable emotionally.

56. My older brother accused me of being an alien for a lot of my childhood.

57. As a child, I absolutely hated shopping, and long car trips. This was likely due to the fact that I couldn't sit still for five minutes.

58. I was considered a "gifted and talented" student, but I honestly don't feel the part.

59. I am sometimes too naïve for my own good.

60. I barely use Facebook, no longer use Skype and do not own a Twitter account.

61. I currently do not feel like I am particularly talented at anything.

62. I like thunderstorms. I will often stand outside for an hour or so just to watch one.

63. Stairs make me nervous. Because I fall down/up them a lot (or at least nearly do so).

64. I am made irrationally anxious by buying and eating food with friends.

65. I am terrified of being judged by people.

66. I usually think people are more judgemental than they actually are. (My mother, however, is an exception.)

67. I am easily distracted by everything.

68. I love tea.

69. I very rarely drink coffee. And even then, it has to be weak with lots of sugar in it.

70. I love waistcoats. They're just so classy. :D

71. I really wish people wore waistcoats and bow ties in public more. The world would be a better place. :)

72. I am bad at saving money.

73. I am an Aquarius, and was born in the year of the Pig.

74. I do not believe star signs or zodiacs have any significance whatsoever.

75. I believe in the paranormal. However, it creeps me out and thus I try to distance myself from it as much as possible.

76. I hate horror movies, and horror games.

77. I don't watch television, and watch very few movies.

78. I love everything terrible. Terrible movies and books, terrible games, terrible stories I find on Reddit. And especially reviews all of these things get - bad reviews are the best!

79. My favourite fruit are apples.

80. I am a very clumsy typer. Because of this, I don't type very fast.

81. Almost none of my shirts have sleeves. Despite it being winter here. :P

82. I always compare myself to others.

83. I usually wear my hair down. As it is at least long enough to reach my shoulders, this means it blows in my face a lot.

84. I am shorter than both of my parents.

85. My boyfriend is shorter than me - my mother disapproves of this. Not that I care. :P

86. I wish I was more assertive, and more confident.

87. I am quite independent, and very proud of this.

88. I have trouble drinking water. For this reason, I don't drink enough, and get frequent headaches.

89. I am a healthy weight for my height, and am very happy because of this.

90. I have very weak arms.

91. I can run a lot more than I thought I could. Though it only seems to be like this when I really need to run somewhere.

92. I do not react well to change, most of the time.

93. I listen to corny music sometimes just because I can. It's a guilty pleasure of mine.

94. I love swings.

95. I have quite sensitive feet, and cannot wear thongs without feeling pain between my toes after a few steps.

96. I can't walk in high heels.

97. I like getting things off my chest be confiding in the internet.

98. I love Saturdays, as it is the only day I don't either study or work.

99. I don't believe there is a meaning to life, apart from the one that give ourselves.

100. I don't have the best imagination. A lot of my "original" ideas usually end up having been done already. (Like the double decker plane back in 2005...)
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Aug 17, 2014