I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in reading this but i think it's a good idea to share some stuff about myself.

1 I am rational deep critical thinker and an atheist,i don't believe in magic,zodiac nor paranormal activities.

2 I like rock music and some of my favorite bands are Ac/Dc and Queen

3 I don't eat fast food or anything that has added sugar( no sweet beverages,juice etc)

4 I have green eyes

5 I am a secular humanist,i strongly support the right of everyone to be happy

5 I like science and cosmology

6 I believe people invest too much time and money on clothes and aestethics.

7 I like computers and electronics

8 I don't have a job right now

9 I tried coccaine and enjoyed it

10 I cheated on my boyfriend

11 I suffer from depression and anxiety,I have changing moods all the time and i cannot control my emotions.

12 I am scared of dying and obsessively think about it all the time.I dont believe there is anything after death.Just nothingness.

13 I like chicken eggs.I eat almost daily.

14 I have a best friend for 17 years and i am so lucky to have her.She knows me so well and i think i could have never overcome my depression without her help.

15 My favorite movie is Mr Nobody.

16 Falling in love is a burdain for me.I wish i wouldn't experience it but somehow it happens.Love brings me huge pain.I cannot find comfort in my partener since the uncertainlty alters my depression.

17 I like animals and i wish to do some volunteer work in an animal rescue center.

18 I believe in self education,I wish to read and know about all sort of things even if they will not help me in my carrer.I want to know chemistry,psichology,mathematics,medicine.

19 I only read science books.No fiction.They bore me

20 I have been bullied as a child and i have low self esteem and fear of being abandoned.

21 I sometimes have insomnia and cannot sleep for weeks.

22 I have had suicide attempts.

23 I have a lot of energy and i can concentrate on tasks very good.

24 I have lost weight and although i am pretty i still feel horrible.Weight was not the issue.

25 I like short nails so i can use my fingers properly.

26 I sometimes wear makeup but mostly i like to look natural and simple.

27 I like vodka

28 I dont want any surgery or implant.

29 I have perfect teeth

30 I am scared of my parents and dissapointing them even now,at 25 years old.I cannot confront them.

31 I am very private person,i talk a lot but dont say much about me.I am a good listener.
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It seems we have some things in common, and you seem interesting :)

You're awesome!

You think?

Well yeah. Our flaws are a big part of what makes us who we are.