1. I am a Scorpio. And yes, I bite. I look sweet and innocent, but you cross me, I gaurantee you will feel the sting afterwards. I have my methods.

2. I get nonsexual crushes on a girl once or twice a year. It's usually someone extremely inspiring, who has a trait that I'd like to emulate. Like being free spirited, exuberant, generous, full of life, fearless, determined, has a strong backbone, someone who transforms their life, extreme stick-to-itiveness.

3. I am an introvert and get energy from being alone, recharging for long periods of time. But I'm always on the look out for unique and fascinating people to befriend.

4. I don't do things half way. Either I really give something 100%, or I don't bother.

5. I often have a one track mind. I get fixated on one thing easily.

6. I like routines. I do the same things in the same order each day, and if one little thing is out of place, I get really uncomfortable. Then I laugh at myself and just go on my day. I don't flip out or anything.

7. I am calm, cool and collected. Under pressure, I don't show it.

8. I'm a perfectionist. Enough said.

9. I have strong, shapely, athletic legs. Inherited 'em. I don't run these days, but I do walk. Even when I go years without excersizing, my legs look like this. People ask me if I'm a runner quite often.

10. I don't know how to swim. Water scares me.

11. I have trust issues. I'm a runner.

12. If you ask me what animal I most resemble, I say a deer. I have a thin face, big eyes, and I'm shy, always on the alert. One minute you *think* you see a glimpse of me in the woods, the next minute I'm gone.

13. I'm also like a squirrel, full of energy, loves to be busy, moves quickly, neat, tidy, industrious, alert. Lotsa nervous energy.

14. I am more comfortable around animals than I am people.

15. I love to read but haven't bought a book in ages because books are addictive. I go through one in a day or less, so I have to force myself to not buy any.

16. I love to sit out in the sun.

17. I don't like to hear other people eating next to me.

18. I have ears that look like an elf. I think they're cute.

19. I answered an ad once to audition as a ********. I got there and they saw I had braces still on. They said it would be fine, I could still be one of the girls. Then I got cold feet and backed out.

20. I signed up to be a sugar baby once on this sugar daddy website when I used to live in NYC. I talked to a few guys. I was best friends for a time with a girl who did this kind of thing. Then I went on a date with a guy. He was nice. He wanted to take me shopping. He told me he had a wife. Breaks screeching to a stop! He hadn't told me that before I agreed to meet him! I knew instantly it was not the kind of karma I wanted, and so I sadly told him I had to go. So I left.

21. I lived in nyc for 5 years.

22. I had a pet rabbit when I was a teen. It was my first best friend in life. I was devastated when he died. I used to sit for hours patting his head and petting his fur, talking to him and keeping him company. Or following him while he hopped around the yard, tickling his nose with a blade of grass and hopping around like he did, then he would do the same, and he would run and follow me, thinking I was another bunny. One day he got out of his cage and the pit bull next door killed him and left his fur and part of his guts on the side of the rode. I still dream to this day that Thumper is still alive and is searching for me. Twice a year or more, I dream that he comes back and finds me, and his eyes glow because he's so glad. Usually in the dream he is emaciated, is missing half his fur, or has withered down to the size of a dime. But he's always alive, and has hung on to the last minute when he finds me. sed on what I see and observe.

49. Debates turn me off. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is a bore. Someone who spouts facts and thinks they're intelligent is a drag. I'd rather hear about your experience, your thoughts, not some facts you dug up on Wikipedia, or you heard some professor or author say.

50. I am not aggressive. I do not appreciate or admire aggression in others. This goes for pushy people, salespeople, or people who want me to make a snap decision. I won't. I move slow. Really slow. But I'll shut my door in your face really quickly if you get pushy.

51. I've very interested in spiritual growth, awakening consciousness, enlightenment, manifesting, and the art of thoughts becoming physical things. I went through an awakening about two years ago. I'm looking for a mentor, a guide, a teacher, a guru, lol. Man or woman. I just may put up an ad on craigslist to help me search. :)

52. Some of the neatest people, the ones who I seem attracted to most (in a nonsexual way, but in a magnetic way) are men who are gay, or women born in men's bodies, or men who are gentle and have soft voices, who embrace their feminine side. I don't know, guys like this seem to have this radar that I pick up on, and I gravitate towards them and enjoy their company more than I do others. It's like we have this connection, and I can be myself around them.

53. As far as I know, I think I'm straight. I think some women are beautiful, but I think men are more attractive. A scratchy face and big hands, a deep voice, a square jaw... if a guy has these things, I'm a goner. How could a woman ever compete? I have known one woman that I decided I could be interested in that way. She was a first grade teacher in the school where I also taught at. She was very feminine looking and cute, but had a deep voice, bossy manner, very curt, unsentimental, to the point, business like. She didn't take crap, and she got what she wanted. So I guess she acted pretty masculine and that's the only reason I could have imagined liking her. I think I stared at her a lot and didn't know it, because she told someone and they spread the word at the school that they thought I was a lesbian and I was so freaked out. If I was staring though, it was because I couldn't imagine how someone so girly looking could act so manly, and I was studying her as if she was some character I could figure out.

54. I'm married to a guy who has a twin brother. They are identical in looks. Except for two things. My hubbie is a lefty, and his twin is right handed. My hubbie has a widows peak that is centered more towards his left side, while his twin's widows peak is centered more towards his right. So even their dissimilarities are symmetrical. The only way you can tell them apart is by their personality. That and my hubbie broke his nose slightly due to a football accident, and his twin has a scar where a dog bit his upper lip. I know. gory.

55. I love the smell of old books. Old attics, old canvas camping tents.

56. Most people's first impression of me is that I'm aloof or distant, icy. I think that's funny because that's not how I am. Once I had another teacher assigned to help me in my classroom. I was joking around and laughing, and she seemed amazed. She told me that she wished she could show this "side" of me to the other teachers. She said something like, "You have such a great sense of humor and are funny!" In a shocked tone.

57. I have mild OCD. I check my stove top at least 20 times each night before I go to sleep, to make sure the stove is most definitely off. I touch each burner at least four times to make sure it is cold. But even this isn't enough. I have to say a certain phrase that proves to myself that I am ok with the knowledge that the stove is indeed off. Most times when I go to move away from the stove, I'm not convinced by my confirmation phrase, so I make a new one, like, "4321, it's off." Or I tug on my ear lobe, or pinch it hard each time I touch the burner, so the confirmation physically lasts. If I'm not convinced, I pinch my earlobe even harder, and leave dents.

58. I used to have OCD with checking my keys were indeed in my hands and not indeed in my house or car when locking it. This wore off somewhat though.

59. I spent more time online and on my phone than I'd like to.

60. I don't speak in full sentences when I talk... I usually end up using metaphor and simile, and it sounds like I'm speaking loose form poetry. Not rhyming, of course. Someone told me they noticed this about me a while back, and last time I checked, I still communicate this way.

61. I'm mysterious. I try not to be, but it is inevitable... can't help but be otherwise. Facts are uncomfortable, I'd rather give impressions or let you figure things out telepathically.

62. Go to outfit I wear pretty much every day in the summer or warmer months: tank top and very tight jeans, or short shorts, and barefoot. Comfort is top priority.

63. I detest dresses and skirts on a regular basis, despise hosiery and heels. Unless I'm going out and want to look sexy, then I can get into it. I do like dresses and skirts as long as my legs are covered in tights and I'm wearing boots. I have this thing with not liking the breeze going up under my dress, I feel unprotected and exposed.

64. Fall makes me sad.

65. My mother has 13 brothers and sisters. She grew up on a farm. Her mother had the kindest, most wholesome atmosphere about her. I have 5 siblings, so I'm one of 6. My siblings and I weren't allowed to associate with or visit my grandma or our cousins, as they were considered "worldly." It makes me shudder now, to think of it. I didn't understand why back then, that we weren't allowed to be around my mom's side of the family.

66. My father is a *********. He is a revered member of the family, and respected. No one believes me that he sexually abused me and my baby sister when we were young. My younger sister blocked it out of her memory. She wants to remember, but can't. My older sister believes me.

67. I have PTSD from my childhood, and from working in a dangerous school in Spanish Harlem. I had parents threatening to kill me, and the administration sometimes had to lock me in their office to keep me safe. I had kids throwing chairs at me, punching me, threatening to kill me, bringing matches and threatening to burn down the school, etc.

68. I am fascinated with certain periods in history. The roaring 20's, the 30's, the 50's and the 60's. I love watching movies set to reflect these time periods, and I like reading historical fiction from these times.

69. I was a hippie in a past life. Who chose to grow up in a family that was exactly the opposite of this way of life in my current life. Now I gravitate towards ideologies that are a sharp contrast to my upbringing. Coming full circle.

70. I know what my life destiny is: to help others see how amazing and powerful they really are. I was doing this even before I knew my destiny. I was a teacher (am not teaching now). I taught children in first grade who, coming in, didn't know how to read, didn't know their alphabet, and didn't speak English. To see them learning how to read was priceless. Like watching a light bulb turn on in their little mind. But more than that, I was the one encouraging them in the little things, telling them I was proud of them, I believed they could do it. These were kids coming from broken homes, and most of them didn't have a parent in their life. They were each like tiny plants, and I had the honor of nurturing them. They were always hugging me and drawing me cards that said, "I love you!' I do miss teaching.

71. My body temperature is lower than most people's. I don't like air conditioning. I don't need it. I love fireplaces. Warm, humid islands. Summer. I wear three pairs of socks in the winter. Sigh.

72. I don't like beer. It tastes like a man's ***. Yuck.

73. I haven't ever done drugs or smoked. Didn't have an interest, and didn't know people who did when I was young and impressionable. I don't like to drink, but I used to go to clubs. I like rum and coke. I'd get really tipsy by the time I'd get done with 1/4 a glass, so I wasn't able to drink more than that.

74. Vices in my life: men and chocolate. In no particular order. And neither are vices, to be honest.

75. I'm an INFJ on the Myer's Briggs.

76. I'm a 4 on the Enegream.

77. Love bonfires.

78. Love the smell of coffee, and the busy sound of coffee percolating on a Saturday morning. Although I don't drink it myself, LOL.

79. I admire people who are passionate about life.

80. I am very passionate about things I do, even the small things. I like to do things with a flair, with style, with meaning. Or I just don't do it at all. There is no in between.

81. I find it difficult to be rude to someone, even if they are being rude to me. I prefer to report someone and have someone else in the system take care of that person instead of putting them in place myself.

82. I used to have trouble maintaining boundaries. I've changed recently though, and have been practicing standing up for myself. It's quite liberating.

83. I used to get a thrill from multitasking and being incredibly busy 24/7. It was my coping mechanism. If I had something bothering me emotionally, I pushed it under the rug and distracted myself by creating an atmosphere where I was so busy, I couldn't think about side issues. This worked well for quite some time. It worked for over a decade. I loved being so busy I had no time to reflect. Being constantly busy gave me an energy rush. However you can only hide from emotions and issues for so long, because they will eventually make themselves present sooner or later, and the longer you hide them the worse it is when they manifest. I depleted myself over time this way though. I learned that the hard way.

84. I have a cat who is the opposite of me in personality. It is the oddest thing. She detests cuddling, and is loud and whiney. I know, I was the one who taught her to "talk" by talking to her every time she meowed, so now she voices her opinion and needs nonstop, 24/7. It was me, I created a monster, LOL. She is aggressive and demanding. She doesn't like being petted. She is social and loves to stick her nose into everyone's business, especially people who come over to the house. If she was a human, she would be a tough chick wearing a black leather jacket and pants with fringes and studs, wearing numb chucks on the back of a loud Harley, cursing and flipping people the bird.

85. I am quite cat like. Not like my cat, but like a typical cat. I like to soak up the sun. I like a peaceful, quiet life, I'm aloof. You can't figure me out, and if you tried, I couldn't help you because I myself wouldn't know where to start. I love being independent, and like to come and go as I please. I won't typically approach you for affection, I usually prefer to wait for you to be affectionate to me. I pick and choose when I want to interact, and there's no rhyme or reason. I exist for you to spoil me and treat me like the goddess I am. Enough said. The only way I'm not like a cat is that I give excellent back scratches and back rubs, am good with my hands, and am a very affectionate person once I like someone.

86. I am quite fond of routines.

87. I like being around people who are predictable and steady in mood, habits and personality.

88. I seem calm and steady on the outside, peaceful and serene. People comment on this to me often. There is often much complexity and fierce intensity underneath, but for some reason, people don't believe me and assume that I am simple minded and angelic. Ah well, let them continue on their fantasy.

89. I used to hang clothing on the wash line when I was growing up. I love the smell of clothing dried on the line outside.

90. I once told a boyfriend of two years I cheated on him when I hadn't, so he would break up with me. I had tried to break up with him many times before, but he always talked me out of it. I figured he would see cheating as unforgivable, and he would finally not resist my attempts to break up. I didn't feel bad. Once, we had gone on a break. The day after the break, he invited a girl over to his place and made out with her. Then he told me in miniscule detail about the make out session, what her exotic perfume smelled like, how she only wanted sex and not a relationship, how she was tiny and gorgeous, how she touched him, etc. It stung because getting physical with another person wasn't part of our agreement for the break, and because he and I had agreed for religious reasons not to have sex. It was like a punch in the stomach to hear him describe it to me. He told me she had been trying to come on to him at the gym where he worked out for the last few months. And it took him just one day to hop from me to her, even though he and I were just on break. So a year later when I was ready to break up with him, I got even and told my boyfriend over the phone a highly detailed, fabricated story of me and another guy. Apparently it worked. He broke up with me right then and there.

Ten years later, I got in touch with this ex-boyfriend and told him I had never cheated, and had told a lie. He told me he didn't believe me, that the way I told it was so real. He said that it felt like he had been punched in the stomach, and that he felt like puking. Exactly. That was how I felt all those years ago. At least I know I can tell a good story after all. I really have an inability to lie in person though. It shows all over my face.

91. I used to love drinking chocolate Yoo hoo.

92. I eat very healthy. I cook my meals from scratch, and don't eat processed or canned foods. I'm not a vegetarian though. I love a lot of butter or good healthy oils/fats on foods. I make sure I have plenty of protein (beans, nuts, meat or egg) in each meal, veggies, and carbs.

93. I used to be anorexic, ever since I was a child. I'm not that way now, although if I'm not careful or I'm stressed, I tend to lean that way until I remember that I have healthier ways of coping. Not eating gave me control that I didn't have. When I started teaching and had a fulfilling life where enjoyed what I was doing and felt good about myself, I let myself start to eat nourishing foods and I let myself be a healthy weight. I know now though how horrible it is for one's health to restrict. Still, it is really a big deal to me to stay a certain size. I should weigh more than I do now. I try every day to make sure I eat enough.

94. I'm a night owl. Creativity increases the later the evening progresses.

95. I love the sound of crickets and cicadas at night. Even better, falling asleep with the windows open listening to them.

96. I love listening to old timers reminisce. I don't have any old people in my life, though, right now.

97. I don't do anything to my hair when I wake up or go out, other than brushing it, sometimes just with my fingers. I don't believe in hair products. I usually wear it long and loose, or in a pony tail.

98. I want to get a dog.

99. I have a red sauna lamp I sit in front of sometimes. It makes me feel like I am on the beach and totally relaxed.

100. I feel like I just started this list. I have easily a hundred more things to add. But I won't, for now, LOL.
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An awesome list..... I did wonder where 23-48 disappeared to ?? ..

So many things in common with mine.. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Want-To-Share-100-Things-About-Me/2794221

.. If you manage to get to end of mine.. A gold star awaits !!! #preparesgoldstar xx

Thank you for sharing of yourself. It takes courage to disclose so much of yourself. We appreciate the degree of self-disclosure/ transparency of yourself.

I enjoy being transparent, actually. It didn't feel courageous to me, it was pretty easy, lol. Thanks for your kind words. :)

Someone once said that the greatest evil of man is not murder,rape and etc... He said that the greatest evil of man is that man has the ability to have diabolical thoughts. We can appear to be the most kindest men and yet have murderous plans. Our ability to conceal and hide our thoughts and ability to show otherwise is innate in every one of us. It is part of our human nature yet your transparent and honest. I personally feel like i can learn from Other's life experience. Thank you again for sharing.

Interesting. Even though I enjoy being transparent, I purposely don't reveal certain things, even here. So you're not seeing all of me here. I actually don't believe in the concept of evil. I don't believe that there is any Force (like god) judging anyone, and I think that the only entity who can judge you is you yourself. And the part of you that wants to judge yourself isn't even you... it's not your real self. I think evil is an illusion. Without evil, there is no need for judgment. Things just... are... what they are. That's my perspective. That's something I don't write about much here, because some folks aren't keen on viewing this way of thinking as a possibility, and to be honest, I'm perfectly OK with that. To each their own. I'm not into debate... it really bores me to tears. Got more interesting things to do in life.

That being said, I'm glad you stopped by to comment. I too enjoy learning from others' experiences.

each of those make you sound perfect and I love that you get creative at night as well.