Here goes...

1. My full name is Stephanie Dawn Wayland
2. I'm married
3. My maiden name is Pearcey
4. I'm 21 years old
5. My birthday is on 2/7/93
6. I'm 5ft 5
7. I have blue eyes
8. I have naturally blonde hair
9. I like to periodically change my hair colour
10. At the moment my hair is ombrรฉ blonde and light brown
11. Before it was blue, purple and pink.
12. I have 4 pet rabbits
13. Their names are Hagrid, Luna, Piwi and Snowball
14. I'm English
15. I live in Cambridge
16. My husband is a medical student at Cambridge university
17. I was too ill to complete my education.
18. I used to be in a wheelchair because i couldn't stand up for longer than a few minutes.
19. This is due to chronic joint pain and back pain.
20. I used to be anorexic
21. I still struggle with my body image
22. I still struggle with food and disordered thinking surrounding it:
23. I struggle with self harm.
24. I have struggles with these things for the last 8 years or so of my life.
25. I have been taken into hospital in an ambulance for mental health reasons.
26. I have borderline personality disorder
27. I have dependent personality disorder
28. I have depression and anxiety too.
29. I have lost count of the amount of times I have tried to kill myself.
30. I believe in God
31. I go to church
32. My relationship with God is a confusing one right now. I believe in him, but I'm upset with/mad at him.
33. I have two younger brothers
34. I have an older half brother and an older half sister. They are Malaysian.
35. My sister is a lesbian
36. I'm going to be a bridesmaid at her wedding
37. I've never been a bridesmaid before,
38. I play piano
38. I sing
39. I am learning the ukulele
40. I have a melodica which I can play
41. I occasionally write songs but I am too nervous to share them with people because I think they are bad.
42. I like to draw and paint
43. I like to sew too. I make some of my own clothes
44. I am doing a correspondence course in fashion design and dressmaking.
45. I have put that on hold for a while as my energy levels and mental health have been bad.
46. Before I got married I was a professional cake decorator.
47. I was a childminder but my boss can't afford to keep me on anymore.
48. I am in the process of setting up my own pet sitting and dog walking business.
49. I really love animals!
50. Especially bunnies. I love bunnies!
51. I have a nose piercing.
52. I currently have henna on my left wrist.
53. The henna is to cover up some permanent scarring from self harm.
54. I love travelling
55. I have been around the world, twice.
56. I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong, Sydney, Brisbane, port Douglas, Singapore and bintan island in Indonesia.
57. I probably won't go abroad for at least 3 years now.
58. That trip I just got back from was 6 years of holiday budget in one go.
59. I am currently in Cornwall for a week.
60. I like surfing but I can't stand up for very long on the board.
61. I like paddle boarding too.
62. I want to live in Australia someday by the beach.
63. Id like to have lots of pets.
64. I'd like to have kids someday too.
65. I'm scared I'll never get well.
66. I love to dance
67. I was on the ballet committee for the uni ballet club.
68. I was in charge of all the costumes for the production we did of Alice in wonderland the ballet.
69. I also danced in that show.
70. I want to learn arial silks. The kind you see at the circus.
71. I want to learn hoop dancing too. You know, with a hula hoop.
72. I like to run
73. I love swimming after going to the gym, it's so refreshing.
74. I do not love wearing swimming costumes however. Some of my scars are on display then.
75. I am insecure.
76. I have low self esteem.
77. I love fruit. I would quite happily only eat fruit and nothing else.
78. I would like to be able to speak Japanese.
79. I love Asian fashion.
80. I am poor right now.
81. I like knitting and crochet
82. I want to be able to make the Japanese style ball jointed dolls.
83. I want to be able to sculpt clay really well.
84. I like making jewellery and beading.
85. I like cross stitch and embroidery
86. I like needle felting
87. I pretty much like all things crafty
88. I live in a shared house with my husband and my friend Luke.
89. I like herbal teas.
90. I've never worn braces in my teeth.
91. I am supposed to wear glasses all the time.
92. I don't wear them all the time because I get self conscious.
93. I get self conscious because I was bullied throughout my whole school life.
94. I don't have many real friends.
95. When people realise how ill I am they tend to distance themselves from me.
96. I have a fear of rejection and abandonment
97. I like roller coasters
98. My parents are still happily married.
99. They have two cats called jelly tots and cookie.
100. I have never smoked in my life.
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

It seems to me that you are rich in many, many ways. Keep think positive. You seem to have a great heart & a great outlook. Being strong isn't always easy, it gets scary sometimes!

Heck it's terrifying! It's exhausting as well.
I am certainly rich in my experiences and in that I am blessed to have a husband who loves me.