1. My name is Ruby May Catherine Gaughan
2. Sharks are my favourite animal
3. I live in Northampton, England
4. I am 19 years old
5. I am gay
6. Catherine is my confirmation name. I chose it in memory of my aunt who passed away.
7. I was born 18/01/95
8. I love chocolate
9. I have a pet hamster called Thor
10. I have a pet chinchilla called Mario
11. I like Quentin Tarrantino films especially pulp fiction and death proof
12. I have a younger brother called Owen and he is 16 years old
13. I really want to move out
14. I have one tattoo. It's on my thigh and it's of an alien from Toy story
15. I had my first tattoo two weeks ago today
16. I find it hard to keep relationships
17. I dress casual all the time
18. I want like 100 more disney Pixar tattoos
19. Vans are my favourite kind of shoes
20. I love America and I've been to Florida, Las Vegas and New York
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You sound interesting