100 Things About Me

Well start with 39...

1) I enjoy rides in the car especially with my hubby

2) I love fresh air

3) I don't know how to drive yet

4) I'm very spuratic with everything

5) I am also quite clumsy at times

6) I've been told I eat like a bird (I don't think I do)

7) I've had more than one boyfriend at a time in the past

8) I dislike knowing when, where and why everything happens, I like mystery

9) I would be lost without my watch

10) I have long hair (well I consider it to be long)

11) I have a cell phone

12) I prefer mechanical pencils over pens

13) I act more like a child than an adult (or so I've been told by everyone)

14) I am not a big fan of sweets i.e. chocolate, candy, cookies...

15) I don't like hamburger helper

16) I'm trying to stop the horrible habit of biting my nails

17) Stuff in my room must be orgignized in some sort or I go crazy

18) I still live at home with mom and dad

19) Next week I start my very first class at highline

20) I'm kinda spoiled (only kinda)

21) I have the best fiance in the world

22) I love spore and sims, simulation games are the best!

23) My favorite food is a slightly colder than room temprature bannana

24) I overpack

25) I have 5 pairs of shoes

26) I admire supergirl

27) I play a game called Magic The Gathering

28) I play video games

29) We go out to the movies alot

30) I like short walks on the beach (it's too cold in Washington for a long walk)

31) I love attention, but only when it's good attention

32) I think college is overpriced!

33) I love Jhonny Rockets food

34) I bring my keys with me wherever I go even when I know I won't need them (It's a comfort thing)

35) I own wii fit and I love it!

36) I feel I don't understand MYSELF at times

37) I have a memory that has been coruppted

38) I have a calendar and I use it

39) I ride the bus


angeldelinkwent angeldelinkwent
26-30, F
Mar 28, 2009