100 Facts About Liz

  1. I am  female

  2. I am lucky to own one Golden Retriever, named Spenser, who is beautiful, and silly, and goofy, and a little dumb.

  3. I love Greek food

  4. I am Irish

  5. I am a lexophile

  6. I have only had one friendship that has lasted longer than 7 years.

  7. I love the color purple.

  8. I have apiphobia.

  9. I drink more milk than most people.

  10. Arizona Lemon Iced Tea is like my crack.

  11. If you tell me the definition of a word, I will never forget it.

  12. I like to read books over and over again.

  13. I literally am the biggest Harry Potter Trivia nut I know or have met. I beat EVERYONE in contests.

  14. I am a kickass softball player; first base, left field, and relief pitcher.

  15. I like to take pictures of the natural world surrounding my house.

  16. I am on Trileptal, Effexor, and Depacote.

  17. I only like to write in blue pens.

  18. I ALWAYS forget to charge my phone.

  19. “Mom….I’m a thespian.” (hehe, theater joke :P )

  20. I love wearing Converse shoes, but I hate it when they are all clean and nice. They need to get dirt, they need character, they need a story.

  21. I write fan fiction for Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel, Firefly, and LOST.

  22. I trust my own intelligence and reasoning. I don’t blindly follow a faith or religion.

  23. I fit in with every stereotypical genre you can think of. Goths, emos, preps, jocks; I have something in common with all of them, and I can assimilate directly into their groups very easily.

  24. I don’t trust people.

  25. I’m a pathological liar with sociopathic tendencies. (AND, NO, THAT DOESN’T MEAN “SERIAL KILLER”! GET YOU’RE DEFINITIONS STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU COMMENT!)

  26. I find it hard to empathize with people, especially when they are grieving.

  27. I like regular Coke, but diet Pepsi.

  28. I can BS my way through a conversation on almost ANY subject.

  29. People tend to think I’m a little conceited if they are just listening to me talk about myself outside of my normal environment, but that’s because I don’t understand why I shouldn’t be proud of what I can do.

  30. I scored a 1910 on the SAT’s, a 31 on the ACT’s, 700’s on the Biology and Literature SATII’s, and I won the Abigail and John Adams scholarship for the top MCAS scores in Massachusetts.

  31. My room is painted aqua.

  32. It is freezing in my basement right now.

  33. I have size 11 ½ feet. Yah, it sucks.

  34. My hands are bigger than most guys’ hands’.

  35. I have been writing poetry since the fourth grade.

  36. I have broken my ankles four times.

  37. I plan on getting at least five tattoos.

  38. I am Greek.

  39. I can speak English, Spanish, and I am learning Esperanto.

  40. My nails are currently painted electric pink right now.

  41. I wear a medical bracelet.

  42. I have a pool in my backyard.

  43. My favorite book is “So Far From The Bamboo Grove” by Yoko Kawashima Watkins.

  44. I have earrings shaped like Pepsi cans.

  45. Getting kicked out of school in November was the best thing that has happened to me in a LONG time.

  46. My three favorite musicals are RENT, Les Miserable’s, and Fiddler on the Roof.

  47. I will not drink Hot Cocoa unless there is either whipped cream or marshmallows in it.

  48. Most of my best friends are either older or younger than me.

  49. I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE Swedish Fish.

  50. I am one of those people who got to the movie theater at 9 o’clock for the 12 o’clock AM showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (and all the other movies)

  51. I got my copy of Breaking Dawn (in the Twilight series) at 12:13 AM on the day it came out.

  52. I am obsessed with Alexander Skärsgard from Trueblood (he plays Eric Northman).

  53. I find Lady Gaga songs irresistible to dance to.

  54. I used to compete in both Irish Step Dancing and Horseback riding (Hunter/Jumper, up to 3’6”) before I broke my ankles one too many times and had to stop for fear of shattering one of them.

  55. I have no ligaments left in my ankles; they are all worn away from breaks, sprains, and contusions.

  56. My cerebellum developed too far down in my head (7 mm down), thus making me prone to motor function impairment. Basically, I’m like SUPER clumsy. Like, so clumsy I can’t even walk through a doorway without hitting my arm/leg/head/foot, etc. on the side.

  57. I just scared the crap out of a lot of you with that last fact because you are now thinking “They let HER have control of a HORSE!?!?!?!!” Yah, it wasn’t THAT bad. You just better hope I don’t get my pilot’s license any time soon.

  58. I love chocolate chip pancakes.

  59. And mashed potatoes.

  60. And the fried chicken from this new restaurant in my town.

  61. And Chicken Dijon Panini’s.

  62. And chicken noodle soup from Panera Bread.

  63. Ok, basically I love FOOD. I also love cooking.

  64. My hair used to be bright copper red when I was born, like my little sister’s is now, but it then faded to strawberry blond, and is now mud brown with a little red. Yah, it looks like peanut butter and jelly because of the purple streaks I have in it.

  65. Because of Fact 64, my friends occasionally call me PB&J.

  66. They also call me BubbleSchwatt. But that’s a LOOOOOONG story.

  67. I have never been in an airplane.

  68. I have never had to stay overnight in the hospital aside from when I was born.

  69. I have a dirty mind. (this is fact 69 for a reason :P)

  70. My birthday is Valentine’s Day. It SUCKS as a birthday.

  71. My phone is the EnV 2, and it’s good for texting, but it pocket dials ALL THE TIME!

  72. I can’t sing.

  73. I play the drums. All I know ,I learned in 6 weeks from a kid with Asperger’s, and until two weeks ago I hadn’t played in a year and a half. Apparently, according to my current music teacher, I’m really good. Which, considering how I learned and how long I haven’t played, is strange.

  74. I love reading. It’s my sanctuary.

  75. I am working on a biography of my maternal grandmother, who was the most amazing woman ever. She was a flapper, a friend of Alex Haley’s, got arrested twice, was a Rosie the Riveter girl, she had an original Beatle’s wig because she was THERE for Beatlemania, and she loved unconditionally. And that’s not even 1/16th of how awesome she was!

  76. I used to play the flute.

  77. I am obsessed with soil, and I love to garden.

  78. I can manipulate people super easily.

  79. I really want a tramp stamp that says “Property of the Half-Blood Prince” ;] (haha, not really, but that would be SICK!)

  80. I don’t LOOK like a super HP nerd, or a word-obsessed brainiac, but after talking to me, people think I am.

  81. I am making a t-shirt for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and going to see it tonight. One more check for the nerd/fangirl column.

  82. I absolutely LOVE Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. James Marsters is BRILLIANT.

  83. I go see a live shadowcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show once every two months. It used to be every month, but now they switch off between RHPS and Repo the Genetic Opera, which I also go see.

  84. I am in love with Terrence Zdunich.

  85. Despite what you’d think, I am actually a HUGE Eminem fan. I’ve listened to him since the beginning.

  86. I support the struggle for gay equality in America and the world. Marriage is for EVERYONE. We should value ALL families.

  87. I love morning glories.

  88. Joss Whedon is GOD.

  89. So is Tim Curry. (they have joint custody of the position)

  90. I love chocolate. You can get me to do ANYTHING if you give me enough chocolate.

  91. I love the show Glee. Puck is so sexy.

  92. I like just sitting and spacing out for hours at a time.

  93. I invented microwave popcorn.

  94. You believed that for a split second, don’t deny it.

  95. I am the drunkest sober person you will ever meet.

  96. I am straight-edge.

  97. I love acting because, in a strange way, the stage is the only place I can be myself.

  98. I am currently reading 8 books. They are in different places, like the car, the kitchen, one of my friends’ houses. Yah, I’m weird.

  99. It took me like 20 minutes to get to fact number 99.

  100. I can remember every detail of my third birthday.

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