1. I am a mother
2. I am 22
3. Today is my 4th day without adderall
4. I am a scorpio
5. I am self destructive
6. I have two tattoos
7. My father passed away when i was 11
8. My brother passes away when i was 15
9. I am sarcastic
10. My sons father is in prison
11. I have had half of a hysterectomy
12. I have been in a VERY abusive relationship
13. I am going to school for Social Work
14. I live in Detroit, MI.
15. I have my tongue pierced
16. I work at an adult toy store
17. My son is 4 years old
18. He is a scorpio also
19. I have hazel eyes
20. I love hip hop music.
laurennic1 laurennic1
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014