1. I am extremely empathetic. 2. I like to have meaningful conversations. 3. I care a lot about others. 4. I want to make a difference. I work as a counselor at a school. 5. I have a toddler. 6. I'm married. 7. I love Jesus 8. I suffer from anxiety and depression. 9. I love children. 10. I'd rather have a few friends with deep connections than many surface level friends. 11. I take things more personally than I should. 12. I like reality shows. 13. I'm a rule follower. 14. Capricorn 15. INFJ (Myers Briggs) 16. Dog lover 17. I used to be a teacher 18. I like to play tennis. 19. My biggest fear is not being understood/being alone 20. I feel my mission in life is to help children deeply know what a blessing they truly are.
kpp122926 kpp122926
26-30, F
Aug 17, 2014