1) I'm 18
2) I am a member of the Class of 2014
3) I am half Lebanese and half Irish
4) I have big almond-shaped dark brown eyes
5) I am a very shy person, but am starting to outgrow it
6) I live with my aunt and her husband
7) I plan on moving out of state very soon
8) I have lived in two different states and four different cities
9) I love to write down my thoughts and think about things
10) I like to ride my bike, watch movies and hang out with friends
11) I like going out
12) I'm starting to be interested in painting
13) I'm athletic but I haven't had that many opportunities to play sports
14) I like listening to different people's insights
15) I want to travel
16) I was a Plain Jane girl in high school
17) I will listen to any type of music except for country, bubble-gum pop music and any 'rap' from the past 10 years
18) I know about things that I wouldn't if it weren't for my life experiences
19) I like to laugh
20) Some people don't understand me because I don't fit a stereotype because of where I've been and the different influences I've had
jpk29 jpk29
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014