1. i am married
2. its a sexless relationship lately
3.i have 3 kids under 5
4. i love sex
5. i want to run away most days
6. im a shy person
7.i love foot ball
8. i love to read
9. listening music makes me feel better
10.i love horror films
11.i love all things dark
12.in the process of going back to school
13.i want another kid sometime soon
14. i have wanderlust
15. i hate being in one place for to long
16. i love animals
17. i want to learn a new language
18. i love women as much as i love men
19.i dont trust people
20. i dont know why im on this site really
21. even in a room of people i feel alone
22. i am a morning person :)
23. i am a honest person
24. i love helping people
25. i hate bugs
26. i love my children
27. needs a vacation alone
28.im to nice
29. i cant say no with out feeling guilty
30. my favorite sent is vanilla
31. one place i want to go in the whole world irland
32. i have smoked weed thats all no other drugs ever
33. i do drink
34. i love wine
35. i love to swim
36. i love to hike everyonce in a while
37. grew up in colorado
38. have a fear of water i cant see in
39. have a fear of falling
40. i dont go a day without showering twice
41. i love to cook
42.i stress way to much
43. i can be very ocd
44.i feel like i live in a fog every day
45. am i done yet
46. im 5'2
47. im very opinionated with things im passionate about
48. i have a hard time showing my feeings some times
49. i have shared to much
50. i want to find my christian grey
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Well glad ur here and not there wow I could not tell u 50 things About me