Awwwww Moment...

This has to be one of the cutest freaking things I have seen in quite a while...

phillyphan78 phillyphan78
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7 Responses Dec 5, 2012

That was great. His mom is going to show that video to all his girlfriends one day.

Wasn't it holloway?! I hope his mom does show his gf's, he did really good!

OMG, he just knows what he's doing. An alsmost two minutes straight performance, this boy rocks!!

A performer for sure Ladyryan :) I'm sure we will see his name in lights one day!

<p>OMG!!!! I hope he carries that attitude with him for the rest of his life! Would love to see where he ends up 25-30 years from now. Just before Christmas I met a kid about the same age who danced just like that...wobbling leg and all. So cute, thanks for sharing Sis!<br />
(and on another note.....I wish that damned female would stop friggin' squealing in the background, she gives good women a bad name lol)</P>

Thanks S. . .

You're welcome sis, he sure did rock it out, made me smile so I just had to share! On your side note, I hear you but I'm 99% sure there was alcohol involved (no excuse I know) but people lose their freaking minds when they do so!

awe! wish I had one :)

I know jan, he is a cutie patootie :p
He is getting down with his cute, bad self asweetheart :)

Ain't he a cutie?!

ha! he's got a future in showbiz! luff it