A Day In My Life

Right now, I consider my life to be my own personal version of 'Groundhog Day'.  Actually, I told my hubby this last night.  I am stuck in a rut, a routine.  I do prefer having a routine, but it would be nice if it changed more frequently.  I feel truly I live the same day over and over.  Here is a day in my life, try to stay awake. LOL... not everyday is exactly the same and some days I actually have excitement for a change.  But, I have responsibilites and am older now and do not have the freedom I once enjoyed and my interests have changed dramatically as I became older, as I realized what was important in life.

Here goes...

8 AM =wake up

Change son's diaper and get him some juice with vitamins

get dressed and groom myself, brush teeth etc...

Take morning pills

check email and put on cartoons for my son

Talk to hubby on phone when he calls me-- which he does on all his breaks.

Do autistic ABA therapy with my son

eat one cup of noodle soup for lunch, or nothing at all

Feel guilty over the calories. lol

Fix lunch for my son

argue with him over having candy

change more diapers

argue with son again over having candy. ARGH!

Play with my son

Clean house, do the dishes from the night before etc...

Do more autistic exercises (ABA Therapy) with my son

Talk on phone with hubby on his breaks when he calls, which he does everyday

Fight over candy again with my son

change more diapers

Check email briefly or mail here again

Talk again to hubby on phone on another break when he calls

Greet hubby at door when he comes home

make dinner for the other family members

play more with my son

make and eat my own dinner

Feel guilty about eating more calories

Hang out with my son and hubby

Put my son to bed

Pick up more stuff around the house

Talk with hubby some more

Watch Nancy Grace at 10 pm

smoke a little 'erb and relax

fight munchies

Try to sleep but cannot

2 am about= pass out from exhaustion

wake up in middle of night with damn zombie nightmares

go back to sleep

have my son wake me up needing me

go back to sleep

have my son wake me up again

go to sleep again...

have my son wake me up once more

give him something to drink

TRY to go back to bed, if I'm lucky

Hope I get to nap the next day

I think that about covers my exciting life. LOL...  Not everyday is the same, but many are like that. 


haydenrules haydenrules
31-35, F
Feb 11, 2009