My Wife's Dream

my wife had a dream that showed me sitting on and old bench in our garage with the door open. She was standing about 10 feet away at the entrance to our kitchen looking at me. As she did so she noticed that there was a large white dog sitting next to me facing me possibly a german shepard, and a large black cat sitting just behind me. What she also saw was a large black king cobra also poised to strike me from behind. She kept calling out to warn me but for some reason I could not see the threat. As the cobra approached the white dog also started barking at the cobra. I still could not see the threat. Just as the cobra was about to strike the white dog lunged at it and next my wife saw that the cobra had struck and held in its jaws not the dog but a piece of white paper, which it kept shaking back and fourth. My wife then managed to reach me and together we both walked away with the snake still walking upright, not towards us but parallel to us. That is where the dream ended. What was unusual after she told me about the dream was that as a young teen I had such a white german shepard and large black cat. The three of us were always together even in my vehicle. When they rode with me the dog would sit next to me just facing me and the cat would sit behind me near the back window of the vehicle.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

That is amazing :) you guys sound like true soul mates.