Why is it that only one day a year is designated for romance? Why is there only one mother's day or father's day to celebrate one's parents?  Why an anniversary only once a year to honor a committed relationship? Every day should be the day to celebrate and give gifts to those you love. WTF?

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Very true Zil! should be part of everyday life in a doesn't have to be a big gesture.......just a little gesture means a lot sometime...

i love your outlook. You rock!

Thanx all, I'm glad you share my opinion on this.

I also don't understand it. Today I received two cards from one of my friends. In fact I had love relation with him or may be I still have it. He was my first boy friend and he is still not over me yet. <br />
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I was completely upset with him in past few months but he didn't much care about it. Today he sent me two cards telling me that he loves me. God damn it, if he actually loved me then why didn't he care about me in past months. Why this only one day? If this day wasn't there then he would never send me a card??<br />
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Is love dependent on one damn day? I completely refuse to accept this phenomenon.

You are so very right on this! It has always bothered me that a day should be set aside to show your love and affection to those you love. Does a diamond bracelet mean that I am TRULY loved? If the commercials are right, only if it's from Jareds!!! I think showing love, appreciation, and romance ANY day is far more meaningful!

Thank you both, sometimes I think I must be mentally deficient not understanding or agreeing with the once a year phoenomenon.

You are 100% correct, I agree.

Yes zillaron ... I think you are right.