Even Though You'll Never Read This - I Love You With All My Heart

My husband and I have been together for over 10 years. It hasn't always been easy, we're both human after all! But one thing I have learned is he has my heart, 100 percent of it. I know he is my one and only and I am his. This, I believe is called a SOULMATE. I never in my life thought I would find someone so wonderful or that I even deserved to be with someone this awesome.

So, when the road seems rocky and the battle too big - take a moment to re evaluate your life. You may just find the answers sitting right nextto you. Don't believe the lies of strangers - believe in the heart of the one you love.

On this special Valentine's Day I know I am loved - truly - honestly and forever

To all my special friends, have a wonderful day with the ones you hold dear in your hearts, your family - your children - your spouse - your friends! I'm not sure what the history of this day is (I'm sure I could google it! lol) but, take this one day to express your love for the special people in your life, let them know that each day that passes with them in it is just so amazing you need to bottle it all in to one day or you will explode!!

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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

You expressed yourself beautifully... have a fantastic day Meeka!