Strange Fantasy

I have this strange fantasy of sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean in a secluded spot and share a pint of good tequila.  Laughing, joking, sharing stories.  Whoever passes out first loses.

Tidestruck Tidestruck
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Ooo somewhere hot! I hate the cold, although after a pint of tequila I guess I won't be feeling much.<br />
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Would have to be Cuervo Gold, dirty, I know, but tastes nice. Served on ice with lots of lime

Yeah, I guess I didn't think the cliff part out too well. Wouldn't have to sit right on the edge...<br />
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Lalani, when and where? :) Tequila of choice?

Ahenm... as a specialist in the drinking pints of tequila area, I'll volunter for your practise run

Tequila and a cliff? not a good combination for me but it sounds like a good day :)