My prayer is for my friend Billie. She is a 65 year old single woman with no family who has been crippled/bedridden for 26 years due to an accident to her hips. She has Arteriosclerosis, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Neural Muscular Degeneration, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson's disease, hypoglycemia, allergies, and Crohn's Disease to name a few of her medical conditions. She can no longer walk without a walker or someone holding her up. She has no balance. Sometimes a walker is hard for her to use. She has little control of any of her muscles. Her apartment is too small for her to use an electric wheelchair. Because of the severity of her condition she must rely on caregivers for even her most basic needs such as bathing, cooking, errands, and general health care. She has nowhere to turn, so I'm reaching out for help for her. Her body is deteriorating rapidly and everyday she encounters a new health problem she have to deal with. Because of her frailty there’s only so much the doctors feel comfortable doing for her at this time. For 3 decades she has been a speaker, lecturer, teacher, and holistic practitioner who has helped many people over the years to have clarity and find their joy. Despite her physical limitations over the past years she has never stopped helping others. No matter what she's going through she does her best to help someone else. Every day she posts inspirational messages throughout the Internet that have inspired and helped many people. She reaches an estimated 20,000 people a day with her messages, so I know that she has some value while she's here and she's happy to help others. So many people write to her telling her what a difference she has made in their life.
she has learned that being grateful no matter what her circumstances are makes a big difference in her life and in those that she touches. With your help she could remain in her apartment and be taken care of and not homeless. So please help a woman, who is physically equivalent to someone 95 years old, have a bit of comfort and remove the worry and stress from her life. She has been a strong independent woman all of her life and she wants to remain independent as much as possible until her time to pass comes. Please take a few moments and watch her video as you’ll than understand the progression of the diseases on her body and where she is today.

She would much rather work for a living as she is a very proud woman. She is a spiritual advisor and Clairvoyant services are not simply about answering your questions, but about giving you the power to and the tools to change your life.

If you could use her services I would much appreciate it as she has been going through a lot of hardships lately besides her health problems.

She also has many videos on you tube about many helpful subjects. God Bless You for taking the time to read this and any help or services you could acquire from her would be greatly appreciated.  If anyone wishes to help my friend with a donation or to enlist her services God Bless You Dear Friends and many, many thanks and blessings. To visit her web sites please copy and paste the above links into your web browser.
longfang2 longfang2
Feb 23, 2016