Dark Speare

" Hell is empty and

All the devils are here ".

William Shakespeare

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7 Responses Apr 11, 2012

No bumming Sacron go play some mellow tunes dude =-D

The Bard can sure write. Great quote. Brutally despondent. Dark night of the soul is empty. <br />
<br />
I better go play guitar. I'm bumming myself out.

ahh very very true Sylphy , even people themselves can turn our heaven into hell if we let them .. Then there are people like you sweet fairy that make every day a hula hoop fiesta!=-D Thanks for your comment sweet sylphy

Faerie won't say no to a hula hoop! Gotta keep watchin' the waists don't turn into wastes no? *keeps Kitti inside faerie's hula hoop for butterfly kisses*

Shakespeare sure knows his words...<br />
A taste of heaven is within us... here may be hellish... but only when we allow it.

Yes sarah it sure would , but you know I have found myself when I think I have lost all hope all of a sudden there is one angel in amongst the million and it gives me a bit of hope again . =-) thanks for your comment =-D

Maybe we're already in hell... Sure would explain the lack of angels.

ahh I take it pale stranger you have met some of the minion masquerading as human , they are easy to spot if you really notice they are the ones that are apathetic and hard hearted no?=-)