The Princess

Once upon a time, there was a princess. She was very happy. Her family loved her and she gets everything she wants.

Finally, she was of age. It was time to venture into the rest of the kingdom. It was important in order to make her understand how the kingdom should be ruled over. It was important for her to mature.

The king and queen dressed her as a commoner and let her stay at an innkeeper's house. The princess was sad but she was excited as well. It was her first time to take care of herself.

Day in and day out, she cleaned the inn. She was still happy to help. Doing chores as everyone else didn't bother her.

The innkeeper lacked help so she had the princess help her in every chore there is. She fetched water and cooked. She washed the dishes and volunteered once in a while in an orphanage. Indeed, it looked like the princess will become a great ruler with her understanding, helpfulness, and compassion, until one incident.

One day, there were some visitors at the inn. They were very rowdy and disrespectful. The innkeeper wanted to quiet them down but they only sarcastically made some remarks.

The princess was helping the innkeeper with the visitors. She wanted them to feel at home. She wanted to be the best hostess in the village.

One visitor, however, recognized the princess and began cajoling her to dance. The princess refused. She cannot give in to their demands she thought. The crowd felt like the princess was being rude. They began chastising her. They began insulting her. They told her all her inadequacies, how she will never fit in. They told her of her parents' cruelty. They told her she was a nobody, that she was never superior. They told her they never want to see her face.

The princess was very hurt. She felt like they just undressed her and then ripped her heart out. She pleaded with her eyes to please understand her. But she did not cry. She couldn't bear to break down in front of them.

They continued hurling insults at her. They said she was proud, she was ugly, she was a hypocrite. She was fake. They told her she only pretending to be kind to the people in the kingdom.

The princess couldn't hold back her tears. She looked away and started to leave. The visitors laughed. Look, they said. Maybe she's going back to where she belongs.

That night, the princess wept. She burrowed her face in her pillow, trying to muffle out the sobs that seems to constantly come out of her throat. It wasn't true, she cried. What they all said weren't true.

Many days came and went but the princess was no longer the same. She despised doing the chores. She was a princess she said. She no longer smiled nor talked to the people. She no longer helped the innkeeper nor go to the orphanage. She became a recluse at the inn. She wanted to go back home.

She did go back to the castle. But she did not become the great ruler her father expected. She was ruthless. She drove the people to hard work. The kingdom was at the best shape it ever was but the people were in agony. The princess refused to listen to them. She only wanted results.

This is the ruler the princess has become.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 15, 2012