Feelings Undiscovered?

So this question popped in my mind last night i don't know why..I know we all have felt the most common feelings such as love, hate, anger, sympathy, sadness etc. I also know we may have a combination of some then like hate and love at the same time, but i wonder could there be any feelings we yet haven't felt? Or maybe feelings that existed in the past and disappeared through time or maybe new feelings that will exist in the future...
So i kinda wonder , do feelings evolve?
Real2Ann Real2Ann
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2 Responses Dec 24, 2012

Well, there are common feelings, but everyone feels them separately and differently, we usually say i can understand your feelings because we have felt that common feeling in our own version.

For example, the feeling of loosing someone would be different for a man losing his wife, and man losing his 10yr old child. moreover two persons of same age losing same near ones may not have same feelings, because it depends on their relations/closeness, time spent along, nature of both persons, their culture and many more.

just want to say there are many versions of same feeling and all are different , we can't and will never be able to feel all, but as we have experienced similar feelings, its makes easy for us to understand others.

the feeling in the past and future will be different depending on factors like culture, way of living, thinking and our emotions as they all keep on changing with time culture and other factors.
for example: feeling of love at the time of stone age(when people not used to wear cloths as we now do) and the love you feels today should be different(even we can feel different with different lovers)

maybe as the world become more civilized and more technological.i believe it kind of affect what we feel as humans either positive or negative reactions. feelings sometimes are complicated to comprehend..that's why we have so many psychology today in the world studying the nature of human feelings..