Mini Propogators

I was cutting plastic drink bottles in half the other week so I could use the bottom halves to grow broad beans in with the children I work with in a nursery (we're not allowed to use glass jars) and I was about to throw the top halves away when I thought 'I can do something with these'. They made really good little individual propogators for the little seedlings I was growing in my allotment plot. I could even take the lids off to give them more air, or leave the lids on to keep slugs out, according to what was needed at the time.
Tibicina Tibicina
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

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Yes, I use the top half of the bottle so I can put the lid on to keep slugs out or take it off to give the plant some air. I just place the bottle half over the seedling and push it down into the soil a little bit.

Do you mean the top half like where you would normally pour the drinks from, the spout part? How would that stand up by itself? Do you put it in the ground?

If I understand correctly, the top is used in the upright position as a sort of personal greenhouse for the plant as it grows healthy enough to withstand the environment. I use the whole bottle when starting seeds. It creates a little microclimate with clouds n everything