Biodegradible Pots

Fold a sheet of newspaper over twice (horizontally) creating a ***** of about 20cm wide (and as long as the lenth of newspaper). Find a small cylinder (small glass or jar for example) place it on the newspaper ***** allowing about 3cm extending below it. Roll the newspaper ***** around the cylinder while tucking the sticking out bit of paper underneath as you go. Carefully remove the jar/glass, and you will find you have a delicate newspaper pot. Fill with compost and plant and water your seed. When the seedling grows you will be able to plant the whole post, so avoiding disturbing the roots. The pot will just disintigrate into the soil and the roots will easily be able to push themselves out of it as they grow.
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3 Responses Aug 14, 2010

Well, you use the glass as a guide to get the shape of the pot you are going to make. You roll the paper outside the glass (around it). You leave just enough paper to tuck under the glass as you roll to create the bottom of the pot. When you take the glass out your pot should be the same shape and size as the glass, ready to fill with compost.

I get it now. That's a great tip, thanks :~)

Great idea, though I'm having trouble figuring out what you did. So you wrap the paper to the outside of the glass and leave a little bit hanging out? So wrap, wrap, wrap and the tail you leave out? Where? Why? Darn, too bad you don't have pictures, that would really help me understand better. I learn better visually.