Southern California Drivers Prime Cases For Chiropractic Care

If you are like thousands of other commuters, staying in Orange County and doing the daily commute to LA downtown, or further, you may be setting yourself up to some serious back issues.

Especially in Southern California, we are almost living off our cars. Ask any Los Angeles or Irvine Chiropractor and they will tell you that the sitting posture in a car, for extended periods, leads to a spike in physical damage. When we drive, all the fundamentals of ergonomics come into play: posture, force and repetition. Just the act of placing our hands on the steering wheel puts stress on the shoulders and upper back is a tough one. The seat position and the headroom also contribute to the discomfort, which often leads to a LA or Orange County chiropractic practice. In the quest of making “comfy” cars, the car manufacturers have often created seats which are not ideal for backs, throw in the long traffic hours and the extended commute and you have a bad mix, waiting for the physical damage to tip over the edge.

There are ways to make the car seats more ergonomic. Obviously you cannot stretch like you do in airplanes (unless you are in the 405 or 60 parking lot) but at least you can do some yoga and breathing exercises. Sit comfortably, avoid slouching, adjust the seat and steering wheel distance. Above all, don’t stress out and avoid bulky purses. Your backside will thank you. So will your Los Angeles or Orange County chiropractor.

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Feb 24, 2009