Over and Over

I don't understand my mom sometimes. One minute I think she loves me and wants to help me with everything and the next she wants to leave me and never look back. I've been sick the past couple days, and this morning we were talking about plans with me and college and everything for the next couple years. We wanted to move into a better house and just have a nice next two years before I move. And she was talking about helping me save up money and she wants to be there for me. But earlier she went on a walk, and came back in a bad mood. I didn't do anything to her today. I've been nothing but nice and peaceful. She's angry at me all of a sudden about random **** that is really old, or she starts yelling at me for having 4 cats. And the fact that I'm not currently working. She went on about how she wants to move to Oregon, and that if she stays here she'll die. She makes me cry. She makes me mad. She makes me yell at her to shut the **** up and leave me the **** alone over and over and she keeps talking **** and all I do back is cry and say "leave me the **** alone! stop talking to me!" OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER. She never stops talking to me. So in one day, it went from wanting to move into a nicer home with me, help me with schooling and everything was just dandy. She takes a walk, and she must have been thinking the whole time about how much she hates me. It just doesn't make sense to me. These kind of situations happen all the time, like every week or so. It makes me so confused about my life and I don't have anyone to ever call and cry to. I'm starting to hate people
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I say kick her to the curb and never look back

My mom is the same way . She doesn't mean it though. My mom is bipolar. They always hurt the ones they love it gets worse with age.