I Love Being A Cross-dresser

From the first time I tried on my mom's girdles and stockings, I have loved both the physical feelings and the emotional calmness. I love being a crossdresser and wish only that I could dress more openly.

For the past several months, I've worn only women's underwear. I started by "borrowing" my wife's panties and proceeded to buy my own for better fit. I experimented wth several brands and styles and sizes, but my favorite are Vanity Fair Body Caress. Unfortunately, our housekeeper noticed some "different" panties in the wash and asked my wife if they were mine. By pure happenstance, I was able to convince her they were not mine, but the epsiode forced me deeper under cover.

Then, I started having lower back trouble and started wearing firm control high waist girdles and briefs and for the past month or so have worn them under my clothes to work every day. (I relax on weekends by wearing panties.) I have to do my own wash so the housekeeper doesn't notice, but I love the fact that I am tightly girdled Monday through Friday.
TBurke99 TBurke99
51-55, M
Jul 9, 2010