How My Boyfriend And I First Met

I was in eighth grade 2007 , in my english class and i saw this boy next to me & when i looked at him i felt like i had butterflies in my stomach. We began talking as friends, & i realize i began to care for him but i couldn't do anything about it because he was a player & he had so many girls who admire him so i stepped back. He got switch out that english class so we didn't talk that much after that until i was in summer school i got a call from my cousin & my cousin told me he wanted to talk to me so we started talking & we ended up becoming bestfriends. when my family & i went to cali they invited him and thats when i realize i really like him. on september the first 2007 he asked me to be his girl & i accepted. three years (2010) & five months later we are still together. we had our share of struggles but we deeply care for each other. hes apart of me & im apart of him. we hope to stay together after high school and be happy just be happy with each other.
Cherokeej Cherokeej
Feb 7, 2010