This Is The Most Beautiful Girl I've Ever Seen!!!


"In Syria, a young five year old girl has been memorizing the Qur'ān at an incredibly fast rate. So, her teacher asked her, 'Why are you memorizing the Qur'ān so quickly?'

The young girl replied, 'Because I don't know when I'm going to be martyred!'"


Oh my Allah this is just amazing, I had to share this pic it's just indescribable!! I really don't want anything to happen to her though :// She is sooo young and cute to be killed or harmed...

Syria is in our hearts <3

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May Allah grant her a long, healthy, and righteous life and may she shower the light of Your noble words Allah onto mankind - spreading it in every corner of the universe - ameen. If we tryuly love them and want the best then the least we can do is make dua(prayer) for them. May Allah grant them a quick and noble success and ya Allah - oh Lord erase torture and oppression in Syria, Palestine and every 'single' nation - amenn. Jaz'zak allah'hu Khayur fro sharing. ]PEACE[

Awww...dat girl is soooooooooo cute & way too young to think bout death

I hope she is well and fine.

masha allah

Love u Syria... May God Bless u...

OMG she is so cute and btw there are plenty of kids who are memorising the Quran in an impressive way, it is a miracle! <br />
You know what is the problem, it seems to me like kids are being targeted in Syria, I have been following the news and children are mostly the ones being killed, how sadistic!<br />
<br />
May Allah save Syria!

Yes it is awesome!
Omg! that's just sick and disgusting :/ they are really stupid!!

NOt just stupid they are EVIL dumb and all the bad words in the dictionary: