General Patton Quote

"I don't give a f*** what color they are, as long as they can shout Germans!"

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Sing it, Singer! Too bad he slapped that soldier. It ruined a great man's career!

It was neither....It showed that Patton knew how to get the job done....And that was his true goal....<br />
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Patton believed that he was always a soldier...and leader...That he lots of past lives....And with each life he learned a bit more....But the one thing that ties all of his lives together...He was a fighter....and just wanted to get the job done....<br />
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A soldier to him was nothing more than a tool.....and a hand gun...or a rifle was the same...It was just another tool to get the job done.....And that was the same way with soldiers...They were just tools to get the job done....<br />
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I was in the unit that he started...2 Armored Div.....and we had to learn about old Blood and Guts.....and we all still loved him...and were proud to call him Our Leader....Even if he was long gone when I was there...He was still Our Leader

In WW11, the us army was surronded by the Germans in a French Village known as Bastian. Patton sent 9/10 of his battalion to rescue the army that was surronded.<br />
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The the tenth that he left behind were being overrun by the Germans. The only US division available to rescue the "Ghost Corp", was a coloured division.<br />
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After that, Patton made the statement and disegregated<br />
the army. <br />
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It was not a rascist statement. It was a statement about equality.