An African Friend Enchanted My Wife

It was long ago, we, my wife and I, were for work in the Netherlands, in the same house we had an apartment neighboring with a work friend from Nigeria, he was single and a very nice guy, we used to have some meals together, go outside for fun the three of us, actually we were very good friends and still do.
One day my wife was at home while I went to a nearby town with the laboratory where I worked, she stayed home and our friend had a leave from the lab.
My wife told me later the whole story, he invited her for a cup of coffee at his apartment, and she accepted, took with her some cookies, and went for the coffee. They had a very nice time and my wife invited him for lunch, since she was going to be alone, he volunteered to help her and they cooked lunch together, she told me that lunch was fantastic and quite naturally they started to kiss and caress each other, very soon they were in our bed……they expended the whole afternoon making love, my wife told me how much they enjoyed each other.
I learned from her, that he started kissing her in the mouth for such a long time that she was nearly having an ****** just by kissing (this was her first time with a black guy), so she was very excited, he guided her hand to his tight and she felt a huge and hard **** under his trousers. He undressed her, fondling and kissing her breasts, caressing her legs, she was hot and wet, he started to lick and suck her ***** while her was holding his head pressed against her *****, she was enchanted by his curly hair rubbing her legs, by then wide open……she was moaning in pleasure by his thick lips sucking her ****, her labia and his tongue exploring deep inside her vagina. He got undressed and my wife saw his huge **** and told me how big and thick it was for her, she was ******* it with both her hands and when she went for sucking him, she had to opened completely her mouth, she enjoyed the taste of his ****, she licked him all the long, going till his *** hole, his big balls, his belly, his nipples …….she was crazy about his dark skin, his **** was so dark that she said it was really black …….he took her, first in missionary position, with her legs at his shoulders…….my wife felt his **** splitting her **** and opening all her interior tissues……she came for the first time when he finished to enter her and then she stopped counting how many times he make her come ……..then he took her in all possible positions for as long as six hours……she had his *** in her mouth, in her ****…….she refused anal penetration but instead he ****** her breasts and covered her with his thick and very scented ***** ……when I came home it was evident for me what happened, she just took me to the bed and told me all the details………I wanted to have her immediately ……..I was so excited……..when I took her I felt she was so hot and wet and totally opened …….but it was great……I could smell all the odors of him.........I came very immediately on her …….and started to lick her **** and feel the flavors of all the juices inside her……..the following stories .......will come...........
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Nov 29, 2012