Our Nigerian Friend

After that experience, my wife was really lusting for him, and our love sessions were seasoned by talks of the pleasure she felt with our friend ******* her, He was avoiding us, and it was evident how embarrassed he felt, but at the same time I could see how eager of her he was. My wife and I talked about the situation during some days after which we agreed to make as if nothing happened, she let him know that I was not aware of their affair.
Some two weeks later we all three went out for drinks and dancing, we met some other friends and soon we were having great time, M (our Nigerian friend) asked Ly (my wife) to dance.....they mixed with all the other couples dancing, but I could see them now and then, he hold my wife very close to him, Ly had her head leaned to his shoulder embracing her neck, I saw M´s hands were touching lightly her buttocks......they were enjoying each other.....I was very excited to watch at them, the night went on ...and I was doing my best to facilitate them togetherness....at a certain moment while Ly was by me I asked her directly if she wanted to make love to M .....She said immediately ...yes.....I told her ....so let’s go home.....but at that moment Ly said that she wanted to be alone with him.......I was thinking of a *********....but she was firm at her request ......after a while Ly said she was tired and wanted to go home.....I understood and said that I wanted to stay for a while more at the bar.....that was the signal for M to volunteer himself to escort my wife home.
It was past midnight when I went back, a couple of hours since they left. I entered very silently to my apartment, as expected nobody was there.....from our kitchen we could see M´s living room......it was evident that Ly and M were at his bedroom.....I just could see a beam of light at his apartment..........of course I couldn´t sleep trying to imagine what was going on with them.
Ly came back to the apartment around seven in the morning ......kissed me and said we made love all the night I am still quivering at the thinking of the pleasure he gave me.......I could smell the scent of sex all over her skin.......I touched her *****, it was still leaking juices, was hot and completely worn out........I was damn excited.....I wanted to take her, but she begged me to let her sleep and then she will give me all the details of her night....... and so I did
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My wife and I have had similar experiences. Sometimes the situation is just better for her to enjoy some solo action! Some guys just can't do the ********* thing or even have the hubby there. It all depends on just how hot she is for the guy and the comfort level safety wise. And yes, they *** home tired and sore but it's hot to know they enjoyed the experience even if you have to wait. Thanks for sharing :-) dc