These are kinda more long distance relationship songs, rather than military songs. But they still help me.

Mile After Mile by Straylight Run
"So I'll wait, while the hours pass like days, til I come home, til I can touch her face, til I can waste the days away in comfort and in solitude with her."

Waiting on the Weekend by Straylight Run. "I called you up and we talked all night, ranting and raving how it wasn't right how geography makes love so hard. It's oh so cruel to be oh so far. And you've been back and gone again since then. I just wait around till I can see you again."

Far Away Boys- Flogging Molly
The boy actually works on a rail road, but he's still away from the girl he loves. "Far away boys, far away boys, away from you now. I'm lying with my sweetheart, in her arms I'll be found."

Dreaming of You by War Tapes
"I saw you in a dream, a dream that always seems to be real. The truth is you're nowhere near. And I don't care, I'll just sleep my life away while dreaming of you."

Pollen and Salt by Daphne Loves Derby
"Today in a breeze I sensed your perfume, but you were nowhere near. And in reverie, I felt you holding me. And even in dreams I shake from the fear that you've been swept away...Last night I dreamt you were with me, finally I could breathe."

Road Rules Apply by Dashboard Confessional
"I'm hoping time will pass without any assistance or convincing...seems our day keeps falling on a leap year."
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Jul 16, 2010