Never Say Goodbye

This one gets to me..

Krissydawn Krissydawn
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12 Responses Oct 15, 2008

once again, thank you for sharing this. i wish i could have it on my ipod. i have 4 days till my boyfriend deploys and im just trying to prepare.


omg i love it , if u find more please send it to me

- really love this song! :)

omg...that song is amazing...when i fist heard it i was! it made me feel better for those few moments and everytime i listen to it

i downloaded this on limewire!!! its amazing! thanks for posting it!

wow. that was truely amazing thank you so much for posting this

that was amazing! great share!!!

Oh my goodness.! That was amazing, and I cried... a lot

wow that was awesome.<br />
thanks for sharing that one!

Is this the one you mean? <br /><br />
<br />
Because oh my Lord, that was simply incredible...

love it love it love it, and they did awesome on it