Please By Ludo

So i made my boyfriend a mix cd for christmas of all the songs that remind me of him and i absolutely love this one! i think it was written as like a on the road touring song but it can totally be translated as a deployment song! here's the lyrics...

Please by Ludo

Sun falls slowly
On our lonely
Goodbye bedroom
You're my only
My last night home is
First night nervous
Take me over
Remember all this
til then

Please save this for me
I'll come back for you love I promise to
Please take this for me
For until I return
My love will burn
And my heart will stay

It's gone cold now
We'll sleep somehow
I'll be gone by first light
Last chance hold tight
Until then

Repeat Chorus

I lie awake
And memorize your face
As you sleep next to me
The falling moon is calling me
As I leave

Repeat Chorus 2x

My heart will stay

hope you like it!

Ruthie0425 Ruthie0425
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 19, 2009

That is a great song.....And I know that the Good Lord above will keep him/her safe from harm.....