Some More Songs That Haven't Been Listed

I tried to find songs that haven't been listed yet


 I'll Be- Edwin McCain

Me and You- Kenny Chesney

I'm Already There (Messages From Home)-  Lonestar ...makes me cry everytime

Sleeping With the Telephone- Reba McEntire

I Could Not Ask For Me- Sara Evans

If You're Reading This- Tim McGraw.. I recommend not listening to this if your soldier is deployed

Courtesy Of the Red, White, and Blue- Toby Keith


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13 Responses Feb 22, 2009

I think a lot of the country songs are tear jerkers. They really say a lot lol. Especially I'm Already There by Lonestar. I have to turn it off sometimes lol

skip the last one lol.i ment frost wire.

try the down loads on lime wire.i have found any song you can think of.

lol me either, it doesn't seem like something they would be allowed to have

i had no idea they were allowed to have stuff like that!

Yeah I have a playlist too that I listen to while I'm doing homework and before I go to bed. Yeah I ordered it online and it should get here on Monday so I can send it to him early next week. His friend's want to send me their ipods and iphones to i can put music on those too lol

aw thats a cute idea i have a playlist like that for me but i didnt think about that for him lol..are you sending him it why he is in ait?

That is a super cute song! He is sending me his debit card so I can buy him an Ipod touch and put my songs on it, so I wanted to make a playlist with songs like these

awe i love those songs too!! me and you by kenny chesney has been one of my favorite songs too i thought about that one aslo its on all of our cd's that we make! have you heard the new song by brad paisley called "then" its so sweet its a new song for our cd! ha

I got it to download on Limewire. I have tried to so long to find it but it never worked. That would be a super cute song. I want Me and You by Kenny Chesney but we'll see how that works out. Our song since he left has been For you I Will by Monica so I really don't know. I will probably bawl my eyes out with whatever song it ends up being. Especially if it is one of these songs that we have listened to over and over again while hes been gone

awe try to pull it up on youtube or if you have a myspace if you type in brian mcknight and rascal flatts it will come up....or pull up the lyrics....and yea i love i dont want to miss a thing i think its going to end up being our first dance song

I've tried to download that song by Brian McKnight but I can't find it anywhere! I never thought about "i don't want to miss a thing" just thinking about the lyrics in it want to make me cry.

have you heard the song Red White and Blue by Brian McKnight and Rascal Flatts? if you havent you definitly need to its an AMAZING song i cry everytime. Before my fiance left i think this song i dont want to miss a thing by aero smith and im proud to be an american were played over and over and over!