I Dont Like the Sad Ones...

While hes gone I need to be happy and so do you!

dont listen to songs of a military death or anything it hurts and works your nerves!

We need HAPPY deployment songs.. ones that make you think of him and SMILE! not cry... I know I do that enough already..Lets get some smiles goin while they are over there kickin' butt!


My Best Friend- Tim McGraw AWESOME SONG! makes me dance with a HUGE smile!

Stand- Rascal Flatts! Awesome if you need a song to get you up!

Wait for me- Theory of a deadman

She never lets it go to her hear - Tim McGraw..you will feel like it describes you! (:

Almost anything tim mcgraw or rascal flatts.. stay away from the sad ones that are all over the radio.




I came on here to find songs to help me when i was down and all the songs made it worse!

so I wanna help my mind is going blank right now but these are good and ill post more as i think of them!

if you need help smiling message me (:

i'll do what i can (:



loving1my1soldier13 loving1my1soldier13
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2009

these are really great songs, thanks.

awh im glad i made you smile thats what im here for!