Jambi By Tool

ok so the song im contributing is not clean cut or probably expected but its mine and my guys song. =) my soldier is a rocker boy whos into tool and screaming rock lol. im more of a pop, rock, radio singing kind of girl. dont ask how that may work but it does =P haha. my guy found this song and its my relaxation song and a way for me to connect to him. i hear him singing and his voice when i listen to it. heres the lyrics maybe itll make it a lil clearer

But I, I would wish it all away.
If I thought I'd Lose you just one day.

The devil and his had me down,
in love with the dark side I'd found.
Dabble in all the way down
up to my neck soon to drown.

But you changed that all for me.
Lifted me up, turned me round...

So if I could I'd wish it all away.
If I thought tomorrow would take you away.
You're my peace of mind, my home, my center.
I'm just trying to hold on,
One more day.

so whenever my guy and i are getting ready to say goodbye he says to remember, "youre my peace of mind, my home, my center, just try to hold on, just one more day.." =) <3

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

aweh thats freakign adorable!! =] mine and my soldiers song. well one of them is "cross my heart" by george strait. =] ill write a story bout it if u'd like to read it u can :)