by Don Juan Quixote
We went out to a bar, my wife and I, to find a woman for us to use and abuse. My wife had been fantasizing about being with another woman for some time now. We had just gone to the adult book store to buy her a nice big strap on that she could abuse some girl with. It was an Irish place with brown paneled walls and pine green paint.

I noticed a lanky brunette at the bar, and she flashed me her pretty teeth at us when we walked in. She was gorgeous! She had long brown hair, and perky little ****, with a strapless dress that showed bikini tan lines. My **** instantly hurt just looking at her. I sat my wife down at a table nearby, and told her I needed to go to the mens room.

When I came back my wife was laughing with the long haired girl at the bar and they were both laughing and touching each others arms. Wow! My head started buzzing at the thought of these two lovely young women turning each other on in my bed…

I heard just a ****** of their conversation. My wife asked the girl if she was a submissive, and If she like to be used hard. The girl replied, "Yes Ma am." Then, my wife smirks and says, "Then you will be dear."

Suddenly, my wife leaned over and kissed the girl on the mouth. The girl put her hand behind my wife’s head and spread her lips to allow my wife’s tongue into her mouth. After they broke the kiss, you could see the passion on both of their faces. Whew! This was going to be a helluva night!

On the way to our house, as I drove the two ladies played in the dark in the back seat. I could hear my wife explaining to her what we were going to do to her once we got home. The girl obviously liked what she was hearing, because she groaned and shoved her nipple in my wife’s mouth.

She was explaining how we were going to spank her, and tie her up…And, how we were both gonna **** her little ***** until it was used up and stretched out. “I’ve got a brand new strap on that I want to try on you.” With that, my wife kissed the girl and shoved two fingers into her hot wet *****. The girl groaned into her mouth.

“Call me a ****.” She breathed softly, “And a cheap *****…use me as your sex toy for the night.” My wife moaned and buried her face into the girls neck. “Oh, we will do all of that and more my dear…”

Once at the house we took the girl into our bedroom and ******** what was left of her clothes off of her. We handcuffed her hands behind her back and made her get on her knees. I massaged her soft nipples as I rubbed my **** all over her face. “You’re a *** ****, aren’t you?” “Yes” she said demurely.

So, I pressed her for more, “You want me to force my **** in your cheap little ***** mouth don’t you?” Showing some ***** she said, “Maybe, so what?” Grabbing a hand full of her brown hair I said, “And you want to lick my balls and jerk me off so I *** on your face, don’t you *****?” “Oh, God Yes…” “Yes, SIR!’

“Yes, I want you to *** on my face and in my hair, Sir!” “That’s better…Now start licking my ****.” “Yes, Sir.” She replied and she put her mouth on my **** and started licking it up and down. She sucked on my balls and moaned as I shoved her face in further. “Treat me like a ****!” She moaned.

Then, she sucked on my **** eagerly, licking it all around, especially my balls and ***, and *** cheeks. “Do you like that ****?” My wife blurted out. And the girl replied, “Yes, ma am. It makes my ***** wet.” With that my wife gets out a paddle that makes a impression on a person’s *** that says, ‘****!’ “Every time you make me feel jealous, I’m going to spank you with this.” And she gives the girls *** a swat with it. The girl moaned into my balls and mumbled “Thank you…”

My wife asked the girl if she was enjoying sucking her husband’s **** and the girl said, “Oh, God yesssss!” and swatted her again, making the girl groan onto my ****. Taking my **** out of her mouth temporarily, she says shyly, “It hurts just enough to feel like I’m being punished, without actually making it hurt.”

“Do you like licking his **** and balls?” My wife yelled at the girl. “Oh, Yes!” She yelled back enthusiastically. “Call me Mistress!” My wife barked. “Yes, Mistress, he has a very nice hard ****.” She said, “I love having it in my mouth…Mmmmmmm” Then the girl made loud slurping noises as she turned up the heat on my ****.

My wife blurted out, “You ******* *****!” and started spanking her over and over again. “That’s MY husbands **** your sucking.” Then my wife swatted the girl on her bottom three times hard. The girl mumbles around my **** “I’m sorry Mistress, but his **** feels so good. It’s so full of ***, I’m going to make it burst with my lips.” When the girl said that my wife went crazy with the paddle.

“I suppose you want him to *** all over your face and in your hair.” My wife said accusingly. “Oh, God Yesss!” the girl blurted out. My wife swatted her hard. Then, my wife leaned into the girls ear and softly said, “Lick his balls good you ****! Make sure they are really full…He’s gonna spray *** in your ***** after this.”

“Oh God, I want it! I want this beautiful **** slammed into my *****….Ughhhhhhh. She sucked furiously the length of my ****. And, she moaned as she was spanked again.

Then, the girl who sensed I was ready to ***, started licking my **** all over, saying things like “*** all over my face and in my hair…and shoot some in my mouth.” That last part she said while turning her head to look at my wife. She licked my balls and I shot ***** all over her face and in her hair. And then I shoved it in her mouth and shot a bunch more…

“I want to see how tight her ***** is before you ruin it with all your ******…” And with that I come around and slide my **** into the girls waiting wet *****. My wife puts her face down where she can watch and also suck and lick the girls **** while I’m plunging my **** into her. The girl moans and smiles, “Oooh! Make me take the whole thing.”

Then, she spread her legs a little further and said, “Shove that big **** all the way into that ****! I want to feel your balls slap against my *** hole!” I started taking it all the way out and shoving it all the way up to my balls and she shrieked, “**** me! **** me like a roadside *****!”

With that, I turned the girl over and shoved her face into my wife’s waiting *****. Then, I pounded her mercilessly, shoving her face deeper into my wife’s ***** with each stroke. The girl licked and sucked on my wife’s ***** frantically, giving her the tongue lashing of her life. My wife moaned loudly…She loves getting her ***** licked. I pulled the girls hair and she eagerly strained to keep her mouth on my wife’s *****.

My wife grabbed her head, pulling the other way, and slammed the girls face back into her *****.

The slim brown haired girl with the lovely little ******* climbed onto my **** reverse cowgirl style so my wife could watch my **** going in and out of her hot wet little *****. Of course, my wife couldn’t resist the temptation to lick her **** as I rammed her hard. Pretty soon the girl was delirious with ecstasy, announcing “I’m going to *** all over his ****!” And then I felt her squirt hot juices which ran down my **** and balls. “You made me squirt all over his ****…”

And my wife said licking her lips, “And all over my face.” They started deep tongue in mouth kissing and I started ******* in the girls *****. They started talking really nasty to each other, saying things like, “Can you taste your nasty **** on my mouth?” “Oh, God yes…It tastes so good!”
I shot a huge load of hot *** up inside the brown haired girl, and she groaned into my wife’s mouth when she felt it squirting inside her, and she came again.

We laid the girl down on the bed on her back, and my wife went right to town cleaning the *** off of her *****. She spread the girl’s ***** lips and a bunch of white *** oozed out of her freshly ****** ****. Pretty soon the girl was ******* all over my wife’s face again.

My wife got up and got 6 or 7 ****** of various sizes out of the bedside drawer. She lubed up the girls ***** while I held her down, and said, “Now, we are going to stretch your ***** out.” With that she put the smallest ***** in her and started rubbing her **** at the same time. Back in dominatrix mode again, my wife demanded to know, “Do you want your nasty **** stretched out cheap *****?” The girl blurted out while gyrating her hips onto the *****, “Oh, yes! Stretch it out so your husband can hardly feel it when he ***** me again.”

Meanwhile I played with her nipples and helped rub her **** while she was getting her ***** ****** by different sized *****. Finally, she grabbed my **** and started sucking on it. Soon, she was licking the length of my **** and sucking on my balls, moaning into them.

My wife made her *** on every single *****, getting bigger and bigger as she went along. The girl was just moaning on the bed in a state of semi-conscious ecstasy. “Do you want two ***** in your hot little ****?” Oh, please! Yes…Oh, God yes!” With that, my wife shoved two ****** in and out until she was about to explode again. “Mmmmmm….” My wife cooed, “She likes two ***** at once, just like me.”

Finally, my wife got to the biggest ***** and eased it into the girls beat in ****. “Spread your legs for the big **** you *****!”, my wife yelled. The girl just whined and submitted to having her **** stretched out further. Then, before you know it my wife was pumping that big **** in and out of her ***** and the girl was getting that flushed look on her face like she was going to *** again. She squirted again, ******* all over the biggest *****. My wife pulled it out and said, “Now, that ***** is all used up and stretched out.

I knew that was an invitation to try her out again, so I jumped up and mounted the girl again. She was really loose and wet. I could barely feel the walls of her ***** this time, and I shot a huge load of *** up into her ***** at the thought of it.

“Now, I think she’s ready for the strap on.” My wife blurted out, and stood up to strap it on. “Get on your knees, *****. You’re about to get the ***** pounding of your life.” The girl did as she was told and arched her *** in the air to make it easier to slide the strap on in. My wife stroked her ***** with that big strap on and then started really ramming it into her. With every stroke the girl reacted by yelping, whining, moaning or groaning. She was loving it.

I got in front of the girl and she hungrily sucked on my ****, licking the balls and up the shaft. Every time my wife would shove it in extra hard and deep she would moan and sink further down on my **** with her mouth. It was so sexy, I was ready to *** in her mouth within seconds.

After I coated her face and hair with my ***, and pumped some down her throat, my wife laid down on her back and ordered the girl to mount up reverse cowgirl. That way I could suck on her **** and then shove my **** into her along with the big strap on. I did just that and the look on the girls face when she felt herself being stretched out even further, was priceless. It makes me want to *** just thinking about it.

The girl came quickly from being ****** with two *****, and I shot my wad into her shortly after that.

After a short rest, we took her back to the bar and dropped her off. I did make her suck my **** some more on the way and blew another wad of **** into her mouth. We pulled up to the curb, and all got out. We both kissed her on the mouth and hugged her. Then, my wife smacked the girls bottom and told her to get out of there.

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Dec 2, 2012