My 100th Story

Is dedicated to all the people on EP I love!

Aly-chan! You are a really really nice person! And a great momma-bear! But I just wanted to ask one favor. Please stop beating yourself up for stuff that ain't your fault. It's not good for you to do that. I don't like people I love being hurt or anything, especially by me or by themselves. I will always love you and yummy cake! RAWR! :)

Darkehhh! Meh maaate! You are epic and easy to love. Nuff said there. I love you. <3

Christy-chan!!! You are one of my sooperdooper favoritest peeples here! I love love love you! You are meh big sister, and you always help me when I feel really sad or mad or anything bad really. And I hope I can help you be happy. :3

Kizi-chan!!!! You are amazhing! Probably one of the nicest peeps on here, and you never seem to be all that sad or depressed like some people are. You always smile and say hi, and you always know what ye gotta say.

Sagata-sama. Thank you for everything, for being strong and kind and an unmovable force. I dunno what would happen if an unstoppable force tried to smash you. I guess it would either go through you or smash to bits. :D

Mommy: You know who you are! Yes, you! The one who told me I would be a good goat farmer! Guess what? I love you! Thank you for being there for me, and for being there for Aly-chan too. Iamb really happy you did that for her. :)

Claw-kun! Uncle! Hiiiii!!! Don't frown! Is a good day! Every day is a good day! :D

Vic...I kinda miss you. Bugging you and being happy and talking to you and being happy....oh wait....yeah, did I say that already? Sorry...anyway! Yepperdeps! I miss joo! :3

Gloves! Yer a good pal, ya know? Seen the good and bad of meh. I bet you will find someone nicer than me some day. But not today! :P

Joey.....another one I miss. Where did joo go?

Daddy: You also know who you are! I know I can be dumb sometimes, and seemingly clueless, and rather rude, but I have a heart, and part of the love I have, a lot of it, should definitely go to you. Why? Cuz! It's what kids do for parents! :)

Oms, this is a loooong list!

Praxy-chan! You're nice and you have a good pure soul. Stop trying to say otherwise cuz I can tell you has a good heart and soul! I can tellssss!!

Amy-chan! Hiiiii!!! :D

Sara-chan! You and me are friends, right? Yepperdep! And is only been so short time! Wow! Yay! You and Aly-chan are the bestest ever! :) <3

Oke. No more typing for me. Yikes! Love you guys and have a nice day! :3
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18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 5, 2013

haha yay emmy-lass

Yay! :)

love ye lil sis

❤❤❤ :D

I will try not to beat myself up Emmy....

Heehee! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!! :D