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Oh, The Humanity...

It is sometimes gut-wrenching to log in.
So much suffering. So much longing for peace, for answers, for consolation.
Thank you, EP, for being here, and thank you in our community for your compassionate support when others here need it.
It pains me when someone gives a glib, flippant answer to another member posting their question. It's disrespectful, merciless.
This website may be the only sacred space for those who need guidance, a sympathetic eye on the screen.
Granted, some are trawling for attention or flat-out fakes.
I go here gingerly, little cat paws, avoid drama queens of any gender, but am determined to do no harm, extend advice from my bank of experiences, and sincerely hope we have a wonderful, awe-inspiring life here together.
angsty angsty 61-65, F 3 Responses Nov 13, 2010

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You know, I put in ONE confession into that dratted EP...and a minute later, was declared a nutcase by some brainless twit with an old mans walk-stick and hand on it for pic. returned the insult instantly and deleted the confession. I don't need that kind of treatment. If I had been face to face with that bugger, he'd be bloody pulp by now. No sense keeping anything civil when others begin coming THAT WAY.

so much about my own advice, eh? I just can't stand intolerant bigots - so stuff the "ignore them" part and blast them with photons and phasers until they go blazes!
no other way in this damn world.

Best thing to remain stable? Don't let others get into your mental armour. What can't penetrate your "shields", so to say it Sci-Fi, can't touch you. It may take some time, but someday, they'll become bored "shootin'" at you and discharge their bad vibes, hatreds and intolerances on weaker targets...not even neccesary to fire back, y'see. Just a tough enough defense and staying notoriously ignorant of their little "attacks"...thats all you need.

yes,i'm with ya! i have trouble with drama folks,and sometimes i just can't deal,but sadly some of the drama folks need help too. but i have to know my limitations,myself. i just do my best. dalai lama says 'kindness is my religion' or something like that,and i strive for kindness,don't always succeed.i remembered reading that aldous huxley,after a lifetime of spiritual searching,boiled it down to 'be nice to each other'. and one of my faves,kurt vonnegut,had a message that was very similar. i try to remember,be nice to others,because others are having a hard time too...and i try to give the benefit of the doubt as much as possible. it is something i strive for anyway,and i think it's a good goal.