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I Had A Dream... too?
Then you have my sincere condolencies on that. Cause dreams don't come true, for we are but flesh, blood and bone...
Dreams? Pah... They lure you...They haunt you. They wreck you. When you keep following their tracks too long, they starve out your soul until there's nothing left even for the crows and demons to fight over. So what? Let them die, before they kill you. Not that you're guaranteed to find anything else in life that can replace them...except, perhaps, the peace of oblivion...

I know it's not that long since I wrote the above...but One cannot rest in peace, knowing his dreams unfulfilled...would only end up a restless wraith or something. So don't give matter the cost or consequence to others...

To those who think about suicide and such...forget it. You got ONE life. No replays, no extra bonus lives like Super Mario, no nothing. You want something done right, you gotta do it yerself...(my 'Wolverine' motto nowadays). So if you get stressed, burnt out or believe all is lost..take a look at the universal rebel, good old Luzifer of christianity. He fought, he was defeated, banished, cursed and turned  from fair haired arc angel into a draconic monstrousity...but he didn't give up, no matter what the odds...and now he has a personal plane of existence to rule, that being Hell; but better to rule hell than to be a slave in heaven. (I'm no satanist or what, but I admire that stubborn determination).

In this sense: FIGHT ON!
Vukodlak Vukodlak 31-35, M 2 Responses Mar 17, 2012

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I came, I sought... and I came up with a grail whose downside showed "made in taiwan". No need to fight on.

Yeah.. determination is something that lacks in the blood of today's youth and i'm sick of it... can't even trust anyone coz no one knows when their will to do something might tear apart and they retreat with nothing in hand.. i don't wanna be with them for sure..