I was supposed to be blind,deaf or have no arms or legs. When my mom was pregnant she had a shot that was supposed to affect me and disable me, all doctors told her to get an abortion yet she refused. I came out perfectly healthy and still am to this day.when I was ten I broke my arm, my right leg next and then my left foot all in one year from that experience I have seen so many amazing sights. I have traveled alot but I am an only child so it gets lonley. My life is basically perfect in essence. But I suffer from clinical depression. I honestly don't remember happiness yet sometimes I get a glismp whether it be while reading,singing,acting,surfing,skiing,playing guitar,drawing or swimming.the worst year of my life was sixth grade when I became depressed.I will never forget it.later in late 7th I went to therapy and then physiologist. None of my friends know my story. I have attempts suicide but now I am slowly recovering but I still have when question. My question is why me?what caused me to become depressed because I have never had some life altering moment.
Soccergirl44 Soccergirl44
13-15, F
Dec 7, 2012