I truly believe that faith is a blessing. So many people have chosen to not have faith in anyone or anything. They have been hurt and discarded by all those around them..
i guess i could  be the same way.. but it is through my faith.. hanging on to it for dear life that i have not given up.

I was abused as a child and a teenager.. then again as a woman. I have lost people who i have loved. I have lost two homes twice to circumstances that couldnt' be changed.. but through it all i have faith that i will be ok. that the sun will come up again. That the angels, the great spirit and the Divine hold me close in their protect embrace and that i am well loved and cared for.

Faith is not something that can be shown in tangible terms. It is something that you just have to believe in. .. the fire of determination in all things good. The basic knowledge of greatness in yourself and knowing that you can do what you put you heart and soul to do.

. At one point i had almost lost my faith in the rubble of grief . . Faith is one of those blessings that is always welcoming with open arms. i found my faith in the hearts of good friends  here ... who lifted me  from the shadows of  sorrow and placed me into the light of love and living again.

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You know what they say, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, <br />
the evidence of things not seen." And I think it applies in many circumstances.

that is very true thank you for your comment and have a wonderful day ♥

I agree, faith is a blessing. from it, all else follows, like love. nice read.

thank you so much ♥

You are surrounded by love and life and light my sweet,dear sister.I have great faith in You,God and myself.I pray for you everyday.

i pray for you too my sister.. My faith is you is great as well HUGS

"in the rubble of grief"<br />
<br />
I know that feeling very well - it used to be my best friend until I turned things around for ME. It is the stuff that either breaks us or makes us stronger. You are doing very well on your journey, sweet one. I bow to you and send grace and hope in your direction. Be patient, beautiful woman. Your time is coming - now you are preparing for it and doing very well indeed. I am so very proud of you....:)

thank you sweetheart. i am so trying to be patient... it is not my best virtue... hugs

Neve lose hope. Sure Light should comes again in Your Heart and enlight Your Soul.....

thank you beautiful flower ♥♥


Praise God!!!

thank you so much !! blessing to you ♥