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Thanks cuckyboy4u. :)

nice choices. these are all very sexy. I think #3 is my fav and #2 a close second.

LOL @ curlym. :)<br />
<br />
Thanks! :)

I also like the style that you posted


Curlym: Am I? lol

You are being way too modest.

rrhopely: LOL ... Oh no can do sir, you'll probably faint and I don't wish for that to happen to you. ;)

SM: I haven't worn a bikini or gone to the beach in so long. I wouldn't look good in a bikini right now. I like the style I posed on here. Thanks! :)

Thank you SM. I love these bikini's. The only thing, the breasts need being more covered. I think they are sexy though. :)<br />
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Navy blue is nice. I like black but I wouldn't mind trying something new too.

SM: Yeah, they are quite nice, hehe. :P

Ireckon: Not at all! :)

Ireckon: :P <br />
Yeah, armpits aren't what I've noticed at first either, lol. <br />
Thanks! :)

LOL @ Ireckon. :) <br />
<br />
I just noticed the third girl in the red bikini, does she have armpits hair or is it me? lol