My Dream Was About A Girl Who Was Serving The Navy In South Africa

This girl died last year,  a week before she died i called her military office to ask for her, they told me that she was busy . Mean while she was in comma at hospital. A week later she died.

She came to my dreams just after they buried her, asking me to ask her Aunt to tell her mother  who killed her.

In the morning i called her Aunt  to tell her about the dream, she told me that her mother also dreamed about her before they buried her, saying why they but her in the coffin.  But she will let her know.

Few days later the dream came again, she ask why my Aunt  didn't´t tell my mother, then she told me that was her grandma who killed and she also mentioned her name.

the next day i called her Aunt again to ask why she did´nt tell her mother, because the girl came to ask me.
The answer was i did ! But then i asked Aunt how many grandma she had ? she told me one, i asked and her name she told

the name was the same as that girl told me. but i couldn't't tell her was her own mother (the Aunt)

since then the girl never came to my dreams

Rest in peace

taem taem
May 14, 2012