Oh September !

I hate goodbyes. This month, I‘ve unfortunately had to close quite a number of chapters in my life, shed buckets of tears, and bid farewell to people and places close to my heart. I’ve had to say goodbye to some of my most trusted friends, who’s been with me through hell and high water, pack up my tiny bedroom in my parents house to brave living on my own, and welcome many inevitable changes in friendships and relationships.

For a while , the changes were getting overwhelming: I hardly adjusted to a previous change, when yet another inevitable quake knocked me off my feet.
In the aftermath, though, I realized that while change can make one feel flustered and lost, it’s necessary challenge. Change shakes your core, reminding you of the bottom-line goals you must have and the strengths you must foster.

This coming month, I wish that I gain the strength to brave all the goodbyes and changes in my life.

Choosing change and bidding goodbye to a comfort clique or zone are by far some of the most difficult things one can do. But, sometimes, you just have to go for it. If you’re not quit ready to take the leap just yet, applaud the fun and fearless souls who’ve braved change before you have and learn from all the smart, gut-building snippets .

Soon, we’ll all be ready for our “next big thing.”
tummycheeks tummycheeks
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012