December 25th I had a dream that I was in a building and there was many other people there. I was on a top floor inside and I went to the edge and looked out the window. When I looked out, I saw hundred of blackbirds fliing in a group. These hundreds of blackbirds all flew together and formed the tower of a castle. Not the accual castle but the tower of one. It was very clear that it was a tower and it was made out of like grey stone or grey brick. I quickly turned around and told the first person I saw, come here and look at this. You have to see this. The man came over and saw, then the blackbirds broke apart and flew away. Then I looked higher up into the sky and it was full of darkness and clouds but in the center there was a hole or an opening for me to see what was in there. In the opening I saw all the planets lined up. They were big, close and their colors were vivd. For some reason, Saturn with its rings was really sticking out to me. I looked over at the man that I had called over about the birds and I said do you see that. Look at all the planets, they are all lined up. And the man said yeah but there not all there are they? There are only 11 he said. And I replied, no, look, there are 13 and then I woke up.
Rachael101 Rachael101
Feb 10, 2011