Have You Even Been In This Position??

Ok, so...im just gonna take a stab in the dark here, but im not completley sure of what im supposed to write. So im just going to do exactly what it says, and share my feelings and thoughts. The things i can't tell my friends and family (Im 13yrs old) ...
Have you ever been in a place, where everythings dark, and you feel like your life has just ended. Gone. And now your just a speck of dust floating around in the universe, watching your friends and family forget that you ever existed? Yeah, well im in that place now. Except, the difference is that. Im not dead. My life has not ended, im still on earth. Watching everyone do what they do best, without even noticing me.
God, i try to find your faith. But for some reason, it just never comes..?
Im a 13 year old girl. You probably think this is a lot coming from me. But its the only way i get to express my feelings freely. Comment if you like, im not expecting many comments or whatever...but you'll probably stop reading here if you think im a nutcase or so on..I'd appreciate your attention though. <3
I believe in God. I believe that he stands by me through the hard times. Cheers me on through the good..But some days, i hate him. And when i hate him, i hate me. Some days, i don't know why he makes me do things the way i do. Why does he make me hurt so bad, ? Why cant he make me perfect? I give up.
My name is Issy. Im not smart. Albert Einstein was smart. I may be intellegent, i may try hard. But i'll never be smart. I do well in school. I get good marks. But im not smart. I hate it when people say that im smart. It makes me feel sad. That they dont acknowlage my needs. because IM NOT SMART (:
SPORT. i love sport. Its the one thing i can do to find a little bit of happiness, freedom...I play netball. People tell me that im good at netball. I hate this. Im not good at netball, just like im not smart. Its called trying...and practise. You know the old saying Practise makes Perfect..? I disagree with this. Because perfection isnt real. its a dream. If it was reality, the world would be a shithole full of snobs and *******..
I better go now, but ill write more about me later . xx
Issy13 Issy13
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