Beginning Again..

Today is a beginning and an end. The end of a great childhood, with so many happy memories, that i will cherish forever. The beginning of the most traumatic years of a persons life. The teenage ones. I am prepared to sacrifice those happy memories, and take this long awaited journey to adulthood. In fact, on the inside, there is a small piece of me that is excited. Deep down, i know i will learn how to survive, i will grow stronger and become more resilient. I will become less naive and find my inner wisdom. That's right. I'm making a change.
You know how, when a waterfall trickles down a rock, in the middle of nowhere. Its so calm and peaceful, and no one was their to admire its beauty? Its forgotten, then again, it was never known. Don't you just wish that someone special, could embrace that moment? Share it with you? ...Or when a butterfly gracefully flutters its wings around you head. The beauty is amazing. It inspires me, that God had the ability to create a creature with such poise... elegance. Sometimes, i wish i could be a butterfly. A creature with such charm. Charisma. Its a beautiful thing, to be able to live a life, so carefree and innocent. It kills me, inside. To think that not everyone gets this chance. <3`
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